Monday, 2 May 2011

If its good enough for Jasper

Way back in February a newsletter for arrived in my inbox and piqued an interest that has now taken up hours and hours of my time.

This newsletter was about how Jasper Garvida had collaborated with Upper Street to design the gorgeous gladiator shoes that accompanied his SS11 fashion show.

Bright colours, animal prints, studs - I fell in love with the shoes instantly.

I instantly proceeded to head over to the site, and started to design myself a pair of shoes.
With no occasion in mind I went slightly mad and combined everything I liked.
 This is what I came up with....

Combining a mixture of animal prints,satin and 2 different leathers the shoes I designed came out at £225.
£210 for the shoe itself and an extra £15 for premium materials used as an accent.

With no occasion in mind I couldn't justify purchasing them, but I had enjoyed the designing process and being on such an opulent looking website so much that I now find myself designing a new pair of shoes every time I have a spare 30 minutes.

I now have 5 pairs saved in my gallery.

My latest 2 pairs are inspired by my summer themes of Safari and Sunset.

The designing process its self is so easy and so much fun - you really cant go wrong. You are taken through step by step, you can go back any make changes at any point and  you also have a 360 view of the shoe.

The material choice is also immense - you don't often get the choice of this colour palette in shoes do you.
There is a mixture of leathers,satins,suedes and animal prints (and probably much more too) 

As well as the site being easy to use and offering the ultimate in personalisation they also have some amazing extras that i think go above and beyond.

You can order swatches of materials at £4 for 4 different materials and these are normally delivered within a week. This service would be fab for those who wanted a pair of shoes to match a specific outfit. I really wish this site had been around when i got married as i had a nightmare getting shoes to match my dress. 

If the shoes don't fit, they will either adjust them or pay for them to be adjusted locally 

They will accept returns if your not happy with the shoe - I think this is amazing as i have never heard of you being able to return anything personalised, let alone something quite valuable.

They offer a personal consultation service if your overwhelmed by all the choices available.

Each shoe is handmade - which does mean they take up to 6 weeks but I'm sure your own perfect pair of shoes would be worth the wait. is most definitely a website/shop/shoe design service for all shoe lovers out there, and I'm praying for the day i get invited to an event that will warrant my own personalised pair of shoes.

In the meantime, every time I have time to do some online window shopping I will also be designing myself some shoes to go with my dream outfits.

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