Sunday, 1 May 2011

Future vintage gold

I am slightly obsessed with silk scarves at the moment.

I have spent a lot of time searching online for beautiful vintage ones, when I thought that if I dont start buying some that are new this season there may not be as many beautiful scarves for the future vintage generations  to wear.

I have loved this Timney scarf since I saw the press previews, though at £85 there was a lot of conscience volleyball going on.

When I had finally decided £85 for such a beautful scarf was not really too bad, I logged on to HOF to find it reduced to £68. It was Fate !!!

I have now owned it 5 day's and I can hand on heart say its one of the most beautful things I own.

I have worn it daily, and I know its going to last me years. I cant wait for my daughter to ask to borrow it for the first time - which I know she will as its just amazing.

The below scarf has just been added to HOF and its another Timney piece that I need - Its just stunning !!

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