Monday, 2 May 2011

Designer Scarves : Lucy Jay

In my search for more future vintage scarves I stumbled upon Lucy Jay, whose scarves encompass everything I love.

Colour, pattern and versatility.

Stunning Images from the lookbook on

I love that fact that each scarf has been styled differently - I'm still learning how to style my new scarves and I will most definitely be copying some of these ideas. 
Lucy Jay is a unique, bold and individual accessories label that interweaves personal inspirations with a rich and intricate aesthetic to produce instantly recognisable digitally printed scarves

The Lucy Jay aesthetic is steeped in variation of bejeweled symmetry and vigorous pattern. The vision for the label derives from the idea of morphing together two ideas that are not necessarily associated with each other, representing them through shapes and colour, and then combining them with intricate and detailed ideas that are inked into the softest silks creating both originality and sophistication.

Each collection ranges from handkerchief-esque styles that undoubtedly make perfect bow ties, pocket scarves and cravats to larger designs, working as tops, shawls or headscarves, perfect to wrap, tie and twist. The variation of sizes represents the freedom to wear each style in a unique way; named after an inspirational person in her life each scarf has its own personality and style to represent this, ensuring that Lucy Jay champions the versatility of the staple accessory. It is thanks to this that Lucy Jay takes on a unique identity, merging the best of masculine and feminine styles, creating designs that are gender neutral and, as such, appealing to and promoting androgynous fashion.

Lucy Jay is fast developing a brand that is not only fresh and unique, but also leading the way in accessories design with her visceral approach and belief that a scarf is an all year round necessity
(Blatant copying and pasting but I loved the write up and wanted to share) 


(If I had to choose a favourite I think it would be Lucy)


Scarves are available for £120 on

 Hopefully I will be able to add one of these to my growing scarf collection.

Lucy also has a fab blog that's updated regularly with pictures, behind the scenes news and new stockists.

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