Monday, 30 May 2011

Get your claws out

A-MAY-ZING nail art is everywhere at the moment...

Lady GaGa Judas video

Katy Perry

My problem is, nail art is well out of my league, I cant even paint my nails well
(and how to file them is a complete mystery to me)

Should I ever have the occasion for fantastic nails then I have found a solution to my problem.

I could have a whole nail wardrobe from this shop !!

These are all from Nevertoomuchglitter 

International shipping is $7.00 for the first item with any additional items shipping for free.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Why settle for one when you can have three

Nothing says summer to me ,in the jewellery sense, more than semi precious stones.

The high streets are flooded with beautiful stone rings, but as always Etsy has come up trumps with the stunning rings.

They are all from BeadyCats

They are all under $40 (£25 ish) BARGAIN !!!!

There are many more rings, necklaces and earrings too choose from.

They are all beautiful !!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Disco Beading : Brokenfab

 I have exams in 3 weeks.
I should be studying, instead I have yet again spent hours drooling over jewellery.

This time it's the bold, colourful (and geometric !!!) yet intricate pieces by Brokenfab.

The label is the brainchild of Swiss designer Fabienne Morel, a professional textile designer . Morel has since gone on to pursue her life-long love of beading, developing Brokenfab to encompass her unique jewellery range.

I could write for hours about how much I like each and every piece but I thought I would share pictures (and stop avoiding my textbooks) and let them speak for themselves. I thought I would pick 3 favourites but I couldnt narrow it down so you got 5 instead.

64.00 - On Sale

I could see me wearing these everyday !!!








OMG !!!

I MUST have this t-shirt

Customisation : Cropped/Sleeveless/Raw neck additional £10

Sunday, 22 May 2011

It must be fate

Following my post about Kate Rohde the first item in my etsy suggested list was this beauty.

It must be Fate - I will own this one day

SCILIA rainbow crystal ring
Approximately £44.20 (plus $6.00 International shipping)


Still on the hunt

With just over 3 weeks to go until my first exam sitting for 3 years, I still haven't managed to acquire that perfect exam watch.

My brief is pretty simple - Bright (preferably Yellow or Orange) and easy to read as I'm not going to have longer than  glance to work out how many minutes i have for each question.

I have been trawling the net for possible pieces, and my newest discovery is

Most of their watches fit the bright criteria, and whilst on the surface they don't appear to be that easy to read, I actually think that the design of their faces will actually make time management easier ( if not a little scary as you can literally see the minutes ticking away)

Fire Engine Red

On the top two rows the Zen-H shows the current hours, while in the third row it displays minutes and the fourth row features the seconds


The Zayu is an asymmetrical timepiece with many innovative features, including the display with the hour "time capsule" graphic, an ergonomic asymmetrical design, as well as a curved case back for an even more comfortable fit.

 Electric Yellow

The Nooka Zoo can be read similarly to a traditional digital watch, but with an innovated Nooka twist. The large window displays the hour, while to read the minutes you need to view the horizontal bar on top and the seconds is displayed on the smaller window
I cant choose between the 3 - which one do you like ?

My wardrobe must have - Kool Graphics

I love Graphic Tee's and the more I can have the better.

They are soooo easy to wear (read that as when I'm feeling lazy i want something i can just pull on with leggings) and dependant on the graphic they can really pack a metaphorical punch.

These are the newest ones added to my wish list



Women's Fruity Slob Tee
Lazy Oaf T-shirts 

Dogs Women's Slob Tee
Lazy Oaf T-shirts

General Kelly Vest

Lion Man Tee

The Outsider

I know the last 3 are meant for men but I don't really care.
 I think the graphics are fab and so would most definitely wear them.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Juxtaposition at its best

Cosmetics, Tea and Jewellery combined - My idea of the perfect collection

After seeing a these earrings in Pop S/S11, I had to go check out the whole Danielle Scutt for Topshop jewellery range.

The range is inspired by powerful feminine women, and takes its cues from her A/W11 show - which is immense, this is power dressing at its best !!!

As well as loving the Ear,Hand,Teapot And Lipstick earrings above I'm also really into these 3 pairs and I want them all.

I finally gave into trying to resist the oriental beautifulness of these earrings and I have just ordered them.  These are the first thing's I have purchased from Topshop in over 9 years.

Week 6 with my Ki ~ Taking the stairs

I have been out of the office visiting a client this week, and whilst my job wherever I am is always going to be mainly sedentary, the stairs in my clients building have made such a difference to my calories burnt this week.

Every dayIi have had to climb 3 set of stairs to my desk, back down 1 set every time I need to collect some records, and then down to the ground floor, and back up again every time I needed a cup of tea.

My calorie burn for a normal 24 hour's including a standard 8 hour work day is 2297

My calorie burn, just for the 8 hours I was at my client's was 2599

 That's 302 extra calories without even taking into account the remaining 16 hours of the day.

I can definitely feel it in my legs and bum ( Pippa Middleton bum here I come) and it hurts , but I think to see the extra calories being burnt has definitely helped me to makeup my mind to break up with the lift at work permanently.

Like I have said again and again - the reason I love my Ki is thats it's a teaching tool.
No rules to follow - just easy to analyse data and goals to reach.

Read more about the Ki and my thoughts on week 1,2,3,4 and 5 here 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Super Quick Designer Focus : Jenny Jenny

Its no secret that I love to accessories.

I love to use accessories and jewellery to liven up my bland work wardrobe and add a little touch of me to my outfits.

I'm always always seeing pieces that a new and different that I feel I have to add to my ever growing collection.

The newest pieces (I literally saw them  on 10 minutes ago) to fall into this category are from Jenny Jenny

Classic Tassel Earring

They come in 6 different colours, and unsurprisingly I'm loving the orange and coral versions.

They are available from for £20
For £21 you can get the orange or coral from no-one

The Brights Multi Tassel Earring is also ticking all the boxes - AMAZING

These are £35 and also available in a blue version.

Take a walk on the wild side : Hayley Menzies

These A-MAY-ZING bracelets from Hayley Menzies have officially made it to the top of my Lust List for Summer 2011.

They are everything I love bundled into the most unique jaw dropping bracelets I have ever seen.


I want need all 3,
The bottom one is stunning with the black and red combo.


The Yellow and Orange are calling my name. is a site I will be visiting on a regular basis