Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 3 with my Ki ~ Making small changes

I am a creature of habit – I get up at the same time every (work) day, have lunch at the same time, go to sleep at the same time.

My habits extend into my work life which is sedentary to say the least. I sit in front of a computer nearly constantly for 8 hours a day. 30 minutes of this day is my lunch break which I tend to use to check my emails etc etc so I never actually leave my desk.

I work on the 4th floor and if I need to go anywhere else in the building I take the lift, so the extent of my walking is really just to the drinks machine and back.

I know I will never change my lifestyle over night so I thought I would carry out a little experiment this week. How easy are little changes to make, and do they make a difference?

These are my calorie and step stats from Monday – a normal work day.

Steps: 6162
Calories : 2370
On Tuesday I made little changes. I walked up the stairs instead of the lift, I walked on the spot whilst I stood at the drinks machine and when I got home I walked up and down the stairs a few times instead of making a pile of things that needed to go upstairs on the bottom stair.

These are my calorie and step stats from that day

Calories: 2297
Steps: 6163

The days could be a mirror image of each other – I thought that there might have been a bit more of a difference that!!!

Today (Wed) I knew I needed to do a bit more, so I pushed the boat out and actually stepped away from my desk at lunch time and wandered to a pub (bout 5 minutes away) to have a drink in the beer garden with a colleague.

It was amazing; I am going to make sure I get out of the office at least once a week now. My mood this afternoon was better, the afternoon seemed to go quicker and with still 2 hours to bed time (in which I will clock up some more steps) I have already done over 2000 more steps than yesterday!!!

I will continue to take the stairs, I probably won’t walk on the spot at the drinks machine as people now think Imp a Looney and I will most definitely be taking a wander on my lunch break to get a breather and clock up some more steps.

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