Saturday, 2 April 2011

Week 2 with My Ki ~ Putting it to the test

 So this week my plan was to up the exercise and track my food all consistently over the week.

Things didn’t quite work out how I wanted them too but I still wore my Ki every day (except the day I let the battery run out and so left it at home on charge whilst I went to work) and managed to hit my moderate exercise and step goals.

I tracked my food on Monday throughout the day in a notepad and then logged it all on the computer when I got home.

I am very very impressed with the ease of searching for food and adding your own food. It’s fantastic that when adding foods you can easily switch between weight/portion size dependants on the information available on the food label itself.

I was also impressed with the search facility; I haven’t found a generic food that’s not been on the list yet.

I now feel like I am saying impressed a lot, but I was impressed with the nutritional information available for each item of food. When I searched for sausages, the details that came up were within 10 calories of the details from the food packaging I had written down.

I really like the detailed break down of nutrients and food type too; it has definitely helped me see that I need more protein and less fat.

 I was also sceptical about the need to log food at specific times, but on review it’s a fantastic idea as I am in no doubt now that I eat too little throughout the day and just pick constantly in the evening.

To sum up the food logging part of the website is easy to use, accurate and most importantly, easy to analyse. The only improvement I would suggest is a water tracker, as I know from personal experience how having too little water can affect you.

Now onto the exercise bit.

Like I said last week, I feel like I can trust the ki when it’s telling me how many calories I am burning because of how accurate the sleep sensor is.

But I still put it to the test.

On Sunday I decided to do a short workout on E A Active 2, a game that claims to accurately track your calorie burn because of the heart rate monitor it comes with.

I carried out the workout making a note of the time I started and finished, and the calories I was supposed to have burnt.

I then left it a few hours and synced my Ki and had a look at the results.

The Ki said I had burnt 112 calories.

The wii said I had burnt 137.5 calories

I’m not sure whether a 20% difference is acceptable or not – but that’s to do with the game not the Ki as I totally believe 112 is more realistic.

The Ki graph also correlates well with the exercises I actually did which was a lot of weights to start with and then a short burst of cardio to finish.

One word to sum up this week…. IMPRESSED.

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