Friday, 29 April 2011

One of my wardrobe essentials

One of my wardrobe essentials - a  tee with an amzing (yet versatile) print.

There is one woman who makes this essential fantastically and that is Olivia Rubin.

Her prints are without a doubt distinctive and yet they are so versatile.


This looks fab with simple jeans for a casual look (as the above pic proves) and yet im sure it would look as stunning tucked into some black high waisted trousers with a suit jacket.
I will own this one day !!


A summer essential !!!


I love animal print and this is one of the most reached for tee's in my wardrobe.
I love it, and in fact I love it so much it even inspires me to do the ironing as I cant bear for it to be in the laundry pile (as opposed to my wardrobe) for too long.
Olivia also has a fab offer on her own website at the moment

I am sooooooo obsessed with scarves at the moment - as i type i am wearing 2 that completely clash. One as a headscarf and the other round my neck. I would love to own every scarf pictured above !!!

If i hadn't run out of pennies this month (read as year) I would be treating myself to the Ripple top as £120 for a top and a scarf is an amazing deal.


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