Sunday, 17 April 2011

Once again im years behind

I have only just jumped on the i-phone wagon, so having spent hours this morning searching for the perfect case i have come to the decision there are just too many to choose from and I'm going to have to mull over my list a bit longer.

In the meantime though i really want to share some of the beauties that have made it on to the list.

Super Retro - I think this is hilarious, I love it.


Stunning - Gorgeous artwork and beautiful leather.


Something a bit more fun and cute - I love owls


Geekery (is that a word?) at its best

My obsession with the moustache is only second to mushrooms
(little decorative ones that i think should be printed on everything)


I'm now on a tangent but as its the end of the post anyway i couldn't not post pictures of the fab clutch and eee that i am now lusting after too from Marty May..

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