Sunday, 10 April 2011

My summer style from New Look

As i have mentioned before my relationship with New Look could be called a love/hate one.

Sometimes I will pop in and there will be nothing I like, other times there is loads.
Sometimes the sizing is rubbish and othertimes i can try on a 16 and it fit perfectly.
Sometimes the customer service is diabolical and other times its second to none.
Anyway, enough of that as i think you get the idea.

For the first time ever on wandering through the New look outside Chapelfield in Norwich I picked up 10 things (including all of the below) that i liked and i went to try them on.

On this instance had I picked up the right sizes and not had a bored toddler in tow I probably would have brought at least 5 things. In realitly nothing fitted well and Paige was too bored to entertain whilst I tried all the different sizes on so I came away with just a pair of shoes (and a bag of sweets but thats not really relevant)

Here are a few of my favourite pieces spotted today that fit into my summer theme of  'Sunset and Safari'

Sunset and Safari

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