Friday, 22 April 2011

My kind of shoes - FLY LONDON

As much as i would love to wear heels to make me slightly taller/look more professional/have better posture etc etc, i am yet to find a pair I can wear comfortably all day.

Because of this my last few pairs of shoes have been flat's that would have looked more at home on a teen going to school than a so called professional.

When started getting mentioned on twitter i thought i would take a look, and as i had no idea where to start i went to the brands page.

The first name to jump out at me was Fly London   (such a cool logo), and a brand i hadn't heard of before.

The website blurb...
Fly London shoes are the footwear of universal youth fashion culture. Designed to meet the needs of youth for comfort and style. Fly London styling takes its influences from youth culture and a fusion of music and street fashion. Unique and uncompromising design, season to season.
I think you can all work out which word caught my attention first.

I don't yet own a pair, but from the pictures on the website they are going to be as comfy as they make out and yet look grown up, and with that all important edge.

Here are my favourite pairs


This pair would be my summer work shoe. They also have a red version which would look amazing with a vintage summer dress.

and these would be my shopping shoes ..
I have never seen anything like them before


On googling Fly London i stumbled upon their own website which had pictures of these beauties from their full collections,

I would like these for myself (you can never have to many shoes)

Paprika - Pony

Jackie - June

Staton - Suse

and these for Paigey

Tricky kids - Tuck K is definitely a site i will be checking on a regular basis, and Fly London shoes are most definitely on my wish list.

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  1. really like the brown ones, will have to get a pair of them on the weekend :)