Sunday, 17 April 2011

Its exam time

Its exam time so I'm on the hunt for a practical (yet very fashionable) watch.

I don't wear a watch normally, but come exam time when I'm sat in the back of a huge hall and I'm too blind to see the clock at the front i really do need once. One with numbers is a must as i will be frantically trying to work out what time i need to finish a question if I'm getting 1.8 minutes per mark.

Here are my picks
 you may notice a slight colour theme going on, what can i say except I love orange and any variation of it.

Honey Melon

In a warm mode

Fresh Papaya

Classic - 230101
Steel Ex - SS MILGAUSS 02
Big Ben


  1. I hate watches (and bracelets too), but I can see they are necessary sometimes. I have no clue about what's fashionable but I would pick second from top - it looks somehow funny and retro-futuristic.

    On the other hand, Papaya-thing is also funny and more feminine-looking.

  2. I dont really know whats fashionable - i just know what i like and pretent the two are the same.

    I love the Papaya one - the colour is beautiful