Sunday, 17 April 2011

Black Milk

I love finding brands/labels that you don't see on the hightstreet and yet aren't ridiculously expensive.

My latest discovery is Black Milk

I love leggings.
I especially love leggings with an edge and they are in abundance here !!!

I love wearing them with over sized tee's or sheer shirts.
If i could get away with leggings for work i would.

My favourites are...



Galaxy print is bang on trend for S/S11
If it looks like it comes from Christoper Kanes collection I need a piece



I think that everyone by now knows my obsession with animal prints.


I love skellingtons too

Black Milk also do the most amazing print bodysuits - all of my favourites are under $85.00

UK shipping starts at $10.00


  1. I have three pairs of black milk leggings that James sent me last year,
    they dont fit me anymore, sob :(

  2. I am soooooo jealous (not about the not fitting part but just the fact you had some in the first place).

  3. Do you know what size you'd be? I could always send some your way x

  4. I'd def be a large, and then im not sure they would fit me as i wear a 16/18 x