Saturday, 30 April 2011

Where do fairys live ??

To answer my own question, I think they live in mushrooms.

I dont know why i think this but i cant see at a wild mushroom without thinking of all things magical and mystical.

My daughter has recenlty helped rekindle my love of Mushrooms but insiting whenever its movie time that she has to watch Alice in Wonderland (over and over and over again).

As always Etsy has been a huge source of whimsical mushroom inspired items and I wanted to share a few of my favourites...


This brooch has proved my theory re fairies homes, as i dont belive there is anyone else small enough to get through that door.





$28.00 AUD

Each product description will take you directly to the etsy shop where it is available.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Tee with a twist


I really need to own this

To go with a Tee with as much attitude as that only a pair of DM's will do.


One of my wardrobe essentials

One of my wardrobe essentials - a  tee with an amzing (yet versatile) print.

There is one woman who makes this essential fantastically and that is Olivia Rubin.

Her prints are without a doubt distinctive and yet they are so versatile.


This looks fab with simple jeans for a casual look (as the above pic proves) and yet im sure it would look as stunning tucked into some black high waisted trousers with a suit jacket.
I will own this one day !!


A summer essential !!!


I love animal print and this is one of the most reached for tee's in my wardrobe.
I love it, and in fact I love it so much it even inspires me to do the ironing as I cant bear for it to be in the laundry pile (as opposed to my wardrobe) for too long.
Olivia also has a fab offer on her own website at the moment

I am sooooooo obsessed with scarves at the moment - as i type i am wearing 2 that completely clash. One as a headscarf and the other round my neck. I would love to own every scarf pictured above !!!

If i hadn't run out of pennies this month (read as year) I would be treating myself to the Ripple top as £120 for a top and a scarf is an amazing deal.


Russian Doll Dress - Yes Please !!!

Look at this beauty from Lamis Khamis


The detail on it is stunning !!!

It would be a fab way to really show of my tattoo's - 5 Russian Dolls on my leg

It's a tad expensive for me at the moment (far too many purchases already this month) but if unlike me you can afford to treat yourself I think it would be a summer staple that would get you noticed.

 I also know if you follow Lamis on twitter @Lamiskhamis she sometimes tweets discounts.

The current one ROYAL50 will get you 50% off - that adds up to a huge saving.

Let me know if you treat yourself.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Inspired by .... Dear Beatrice ~ An amazing read

Tights are a staple in my wardrobe.
 I have to keep my legs covered at work because of my huge tattoo's.
Because of this my winter work staples tend to consist of plain black dresses with the brightest, most patterned tights there are.

Here are some I want to be add to my collection from ready for next winter, that i think Beatrice would approve of

Henry Holland Superstar Black Tights £15.00

Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights £4.95
I would love at least 6 different colours - I want at least 3 different oranges !!

Jonathan Aston Vertical Stripe Tights  £12.00

I love colour

I love colour and this hairband is certainly colourful.

 Its also A-MAY-ZING (as is the styling in the picture - its utter genius)

This would look any Little Black Dress look absolutely stunning.

Her Curious Nature is the creation of young London based designer Sabrina, her designs are an eclectic fusion of vintage and contemporary fashions, a collision of urban and earthy roots, blending tribal cultures expressed through a psychedelic palette.

My kind of shoes - FLY LONDON

As much as i would love to wear heels to make me slightly taller/look more professional/have better posture etc etc, i am yet to find a pair I can wear comfortably all day.

Because of this my last few pairs of shoes have been flat's that would have looked more at home on a teen going to school than a so called professional.

When started getting mentioned on twitter i thought i would take a look, and as i had no idea where to start i went to the brands page.

The first name to jump out at me was Fly London   (such a cool logo), and a brand i hadn't heard of before.

The website blurb...
Fly London shoes are the footwear of universal youth fashion culture. Designed to meet the needs of youth for comfort and style. Fly London styling takes its influences from youth culture and a fusion of music and street fashion. Unique and uncompromising design, season to season.
I think you can all work out which word caught my attention first.

I don't yet own a pair, but from the pictures on the website they are going to be as comfy as they make out and yet look grown up, and with that all important edge.

Here are my favourite pairs


This pair would be my summer work shoe. They also have a red version which would look amazing with a vintage summer dress.

and these would be my shopping shoes ..
I have never seen anything like them before


On googling Fly London i stumbled upon their own website which had pictures of these beauties from their full collections,

I would like these for myself (you can never have to many shoes)

Paprika - Pony

Jackie - June

Staton - Suse

and these for Paigey

Tricky kids - Tuck K is definitely a site i will be checking on a regular basis, and Fly London shoes are most definitely on my wish list.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Style Steal : Fred Butler

Fred Butler is one of my fashion icon's and this portrait from her amazing blog sums up why much better than i could ever do with words.

gorgeous bag
amazing makeup
fab tights
accessories galore

If i had the pennies here is what i would be adding to my wardrobe to make it look a teeny bit like hers.

and hers looks like this...

A staple in Fred's wardrobe

Patternity tights

I couldn't choose just one pair - all Patternity tights are amazing - FACT !!!

And something that's already got it's place on my birthday list - The accessories but with a twist..

Contains 3 sheets (420mm x 297mm) of shapes to cut out and make, instruction sheets, 1 large hairclip, 1 pair of clip on earring backs, 1 metre of fishing wire, barrel screw necklace fixing and 20 beads for spacing the balls on the necklace.

Ideas for Autumn

I know we haven't even got into the swing of spring yet but when i saw these Eudon Choi shoes on i couldn't help but think they would be the perfect shoe to take my summer wardrobe which is full of oranges and animal prints, into Autumn.

Virtual High Street - 18 and East

There are no streets better than my Internet favourites bar, that is lovingly known as the 'Virtual Highstreet'

I love being able to browse shops such whilst purchasing from (i should be banned for the sake of my bank balance)

My favourites bar is forever getting bigger, and today's addition is

Inspired by the vibrant music, fashion and film scenes; 18 AND EAST is for the girl who has a strong sense of individual style and a voracious lust for life.   Feminine shapes and styling with sexy, edgy pieces make for a collection that ticks all your style boxes. Stunning prints ranging from delicate birds and bold florals to more abstract prints decorate key pieces to incorporate a signature feel. 18 AND EAST is for the girl who has a passion for life and style; from Vintage shopping and scouring boot fairs for ‘That’ item to flicking through style magazines for inspiration – individuality is always at the forefront. 
Apologies for the blatant cutting and pasting, but in all honesty i couldn't sum up the collection any better, so my only real input is to show you my favourite pieces from the S/S 11 collection.

I LOVE the colour - I could see myself wearing this daily !!

I'm not so much of a dress person but i think this is stunning, such an expensive looking dress for a bargain price.

This could be worn so many ways!!!
Over a plain maxi dress or over a bodysuit and some high waisted jeans to get a faux crop top look - the possibilities are endless.

soooooooooo pretty !!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Its exam time

Its exam time so I'm on the hunt for a practical (yet very fashionable) watch.

I don't wear a watch normally, but come exam time when I'm sat in the back of a huge hall and I'm too blind to see the clock at the front i really do need once. One with numbers is a must as i will be frantically trying to work out what time i need to finish a question if I'm getting 1.8 minutes per mark.

Here are my picks
 you may notice a slight colour theme going on, what can i say except I love orange and any variation of it.

Honey Melon

In a warm mode

Fresh Papaya

Classic - 230101
Steel Ex - SS MILGAUSS 02
Big Ben