Saturday, 26 March 2011

Something for every side of me

From reading my blog you will prob have got the idea that i like to be a bit different. I don't have a set style (maybe i just haven't found one yet or maybe i never will) and because of this i struggle to find places to shop that cater for all the different me's (that aren't high street chains)

I struggle no more because recently, this amazing shop/boutique made it onto my favourites list (and is now visited at least daily for me to have a drool)

These are a few of the pieces i am lemming over at the moment

For when i want to walk on the wild side

For when I'm feeling pretty and feminine

For going about my mumsy duties (in style !!)

And you can never ever have too many accessories

Tribal Trails Sheer Scarf £10.00 (no longer in stock - but i had to share because i just got the last 1)

What are your favourite pieces on the site at the moment ????


  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with Yayer!

  2. I LOVE yayer! So many things I want on the website, wish I had a money tree really.
    Sami xx