Sunday, 27 March 2011

My nanny would be very proud......

......If I went to her to ask her to teach me to knit and cross stich.

After seeing these on etsy ,I may very well do that.

The WTWTA pattern is immense !!
I know its getting warmer, but I would wear it all the time.
The fact that the crown is removable is genuis.

These are sooooooo cool

And this is how you turn cross stitch into amazing accessories

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Something for every side of me

From reading my blog you will prob have got the idea that i like to be a bit different. I don't have a set style (maybe i just haven't found one yet or maybe i never will) and because of this i struggle to find places to shop that cater for all the different me's (that aren't high street chains)

I struggle no more because recently, this amazing shop/boutique made it onto my favourites list (and is now visited at least daily for me to have a drool)

These are a few of the pieces i am lemming over at the moment

For when i want to walk on the wild side

For when I'm feeling pretty and feminine

For going about my mumsy duties (in style !!)

And you can never ever have too many accessories

Tribal Trails Sheer Scarf £10.00 (no longer in stock - but i had to share because i just got the last 1)

What are your favourite pieces on the site at the moment ????

Thursday, 17 March 2011

And whilst we are on the subject


I have now placed 3 order's in as many weeks with WC, 2 of which were for custom items that have turned out amazingly.

Even if you cant see someone you like already listed, get in touch with them and you will have your dream character before you know it !!!

Once i get my little family (Rizzo,Baby and Columbia) together i will be sure to post some pictures.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I love love love Julia Burness

After tweeting about the fact that I didn't don't do rings,  I was inundated with tweets about fabulous rings that I would be sure to love.

And love them I did, especially those from Julia Burness, who makes some of the most stunning jewellery I have seen in a long time.

I am now the proud owner of 3 of my very favourite pieces from her collections and I thought I should spread the love and include links, my thoughts and some pic's of my new jewellery.

Twig Bracelet
Silver £85.00
Brass £65.00

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it because of how unusual it is. I then proceeded to get upset when unwrapping it as I noticed how tiny it was. However, after doing a bit of reading on the net, I found out the brass is pliable enough to stretch/tighten as necessary so from me thinking it would only fit my toddler I can quite confidently say it should fit anyone 
(beware - the twiggy bits can be a bit scratchy when stretching it)

This would look fab with a formal summer dress, to add just that little twist.

Pig Ring

This ring is soooooooooo me (need I say any more).
 It makes people do a double take, though I don't know what because it is very obviously a pig (and a very well crafted one at that).

Love Ring
Silver £49.00
Brass £39.00

Out of the 3 pieces I have - my brass 'love' ring is the piece I have had the most compliments on (even my nanny said it was 'trendy' (she thinks I'm about 12 still) and tried it on).

I wore it to work every day last week and its soooooo comfortable, and contrary to what everyone thinks, it did not get in the way once. 

As someone who wouldn't even wear her wedding ring because I have never thought rings were me, I am loving that Julia's rings have made me see that rings can be edgy and individual
 (and still comfy and practical)
She has most definitely opened my eyes to a whole new expensive jewellery avenue I need to explore further !!
And I think my nexr stop will be a Love ring in silver and one of her Rock Goddess Rings.

Rock Goddess Ring
Silver £90.00
Vermeil £120.00

Pictures and prices from My Flash Trash who stock Julia's range.
The rings come in standard sizes, but can be made to order so before you pop them into your shopping cart I would just double check the sizing and if its not suitable fire off an email to get one custom made. (the Pig ring comes in K1/2 and the Love ring M1/2)



Friday, 4 March 2011

More amazing badges.....

I love the idea of sets of badges, I can imagine myself wearing 3,4 or 5 at once.

These are some of my favourites at the moment....

$8.50 for 5
Curious Boudoir Dolls

These are pretty and scary and feminine and dark all in one - AMAZING

Ewan John

I'm slightly obsessed with black and white images/drawings of birds at the moment - nuff said

$4.90 (mega bargain)

would it be called a 'zebaffe'  ??

Sweetie Pie Pins

I wonder if my nan looked like any of these when she was at school??

Badge Sets from

I love these - these are soooooo cute, i would have to wear all 6 at once. I will definitely be featuring more from this shop in the coming weeks as the illustrations are DIVINE !!!

I'm hoping that my brooch/badge collection will soon be large enough for me to start doing some outfit posts, as my jewellery/accessories collection is now getting so large its a shame not to share it.

and from the badge to....


How amazing are these !!!!!





these badges are based upon the plush bears strawberry kitten also sells, of which i think one would look rather at home in my bedroom.

Handmade plush vampire bear

and another would compliment my sofa quite nicely

Handmade grey bear cushion cover