Sunday, 20 February 2011

Inspired by ..................... Mulberry

One very specific dress, or more honestly the print has inspired this post
 ( i love the print so much i would wear if it were on a bin bag)

image from

Until i win the lottery a dress like this is out of my budget so here are a few of my favourite high street pieces that feature a very pretty bird print.

I actually picked this up and took it to the counter in my local store only to find (at that time ) my size was the only one not in the sale and i wasn't going to pay full price out of principle.

Going off on a tangent - i stumbled upon this fantastic graphics blog that features loads of vintage style pictures, including this which has some birds very similar to the mulberry print in it. It could be used to make some accessories if your slightly more creative than me.


  1. Wow- loving all these tops! You were right to not buy the New Look blouse- how bloody rude for them to not reduce all the sizes?!
    I am definitely buying that DP vest this week- thanks for the tip!

    xxx Maddie

  2. that first dress is lovely! I absolutely adore that graphics site- I collect actual vintage illustrations of fauna and flora. I've spent some time going through her collection, wishing I had a few of those prints!