Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For once i'm on time............

Normally I am 6 months behind any trend and/or celebrity thingymajig but with this one i think i am right there.

Nicki Minaj

I don't have style icons as such because i am a 'safe' clothes shopper (I'm working on that), but i do have accessories icons as that's how i let my personality shine (if you hadn't guessed) and i have to say i am loving Nicki's (jewellery) style.

What I'm even more in time for ( like it happened this evening) is the launch of the fantastic brand Miss Wax on My Flash

I am loving a lot of the pieces .....

Fear Not Earrings
(These are my fav - i lurve odd earrings)

Retro Pop Ring
(This is sooooooo new on the site that there isn't even a price yet???)

Metropolis Ring
(again no price on the site yet)

(This is now my joint fav with the earrings I would love one of these in beige - they look super cool)

I also suggest you check out the brand website direct

There are some fab graphics and the online shop (whilst not shipping to the UK) has a few more pieces to whet your appetite and give you a feel for the brand. 

(and the makeup on the models is FANTASTIC, who knew blue eyebrows and orange lipstick would work so well)

I hope My Flash Trash get the 'Spike You' studs in soon

Moving on to another fab brand, In the last picture (black catsuit) of Nicki, she is wearing Fred Butler. I would give my left arm to own a piece of (jewellery by)  Fred Butler, especially these earrings.

Do you have 'accessories' icons or a favourite brand/boutique?

Please share - i need to broaden my horizons !!!

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