Tuesday, 8 February 2011


For those of you who like me, enjoying wearing jewellery that very much expresses your personality, and is a bit different to the norm, I have just stumbled upon the most A-MAZ-ING etsy shop...

They sell these brilliant charm necklaces, with the charms being a huge array of characters, of which i am sure at least one will mean something to you.

I LOVE most of the designs, but just thought i would share a few (of the many) i would purchase if ££ were not a question.

(postage to the UK is $4 for the first charm and then $0.75 for any additional)


I apologise for the macabre nature of the last 2 but i have a slight fascination with historical murderers so i couldn't leave them out

I have not purchased from the shop (yet), so i cant comment with any certainty on the customer service, but there feedback is 100% positive with some glowing reviews.

Who are you loving from this shop?

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