Sunday, 20 February 2011

Inspired by ..................... Mulberry

One very specific dress, or more honestly the print has inspired this post
 ( i love the print so much i would wear if it were on a bin bag)

image from

Until i win the lottery a dress like this is out of my budget so here are a few of my favourite high street pieces that feature a very pretty bird print.

I actually picked this up and took it to the counter in my local store only to find (at that time ) my size was the only one not in the sale and i wasn't going to pay full price out of principle.

Going off on a tangent - i stumbled upon this fantastic graphics blog that features loads of vintage style pictures, including this which has some birds very similar to the mulberry print in it. It could be used to make some accessories if your slightly more creative than me.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For once i'm on time............

Normally I am 6 months behind any trend and/or celebrity thingymajig but with this one i think i am right there.

Nicki Minaj

I don't have style icons as such because i am a 'safe' clothes shopper (I'm working on that), but i do have accessories icons as that's how i let my personality shine (if you hadn't guessed) and i have to say i am loving Nicki's (jewellery) style.

What I'm even more in time for ( like it happened this evening) is the launch of the fantastic brand Miss Wax on My Flash

I am loving a lot of the pieces .....

Fear Not Earrings
(These are my fav - i lurve odd earrings)

Retro Pop Ring
(This is sooooooo new on the site that there isn't even a price yet???)

Metropolis Ring
(again no price on the site yet)

(This is now my joint fav with the earrings I would love one of these in beige - they look super cool)

I also suggest you check out the brand website direct

There are some fab graphics and the online shop (whilst not shipping to the UK) has a few more pieces to whet your appetite and give you a feel for the brand. 

(and the makeup on the models is FANTASTIC, who knew blue eyebrows and orange lipstick would work so well)

I hope My Flash Trash get the 'Spike You' studs in soon

Moving on to another fab brand, In the last picture (black catsuit) of Nicki, she is wearing Fred Butler. I would give my left arm to own a piece of (jewellery by)  Fred Butler, especially these earrings.

Do you have 'accessories' icons or a favourite brand/boutique?

Please share - i need to broaden my horizons !!!

Unlikely Style Icon #2

You can view the Etsy Treasury with links to the individual items here

I also want to share the following items from another Etsy gold mine  (for brooch wearing facial hair lovers anyways)


(postage to the UK is $5 with each subseqeunt item in the same order shipping for $2)

He is my favourite - I think he is fab and i would wear him all the time !!!



Unlikey Style Icon #1

All pieces are currently available on ASOS

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


For those of you who like me, enjoying wearing jewellery that very much expresses your personality, and is a bit different to the norm, I have just stumbled upon the most A-MAZ-ING etsy shop...

They sell these brilliant charm necklaces, with the charms being a huge array of characters, of which i am sure at least one will mean something to you.

I LOVE most of the designs, but just thought i would share a few (of the many) i would purchase if ££ were not a question.

(postage to the UK is $4 for the first charm and then $0.75 for any additional)


I apologise for the macabre nature of the last 2 but i have a slight fascination with historical murderers so i couldn't leave them out

I have not purchased from the shop (yet), so i cant comment with any certainty on the customer service, but there feedback is 100% positive with some glowing reviews.

Who are you loving from this shop?