Sunday, 23 January 2011

I now have a hair wishlist

I constantly struggle with my hair, I love it long but its too thick to straighten well and besides i love it curly but its too heavy for any curl to hold. So for practical reasons I'm stuck with short ish straight hair.

In the past i have worn wigs for the odd party and photo shoots and these still sit in my wardrobe as they are not really every day hair pieces (bright pink hair is not something you could wear everywhere)

I have now decided maybe i need a few hair pieces that could be worn out every now and then and i have my heart set on a few of these vintage style beauties from Annabelles Wigs

a black, 1920's kiss-curl wig

Note to self : If i could get my hair to curl i don't think it would look too dissimilar to this - i will go off and research my best curling options.

 a near-black, curled wig with short fringe

when i had my hair cut on Monday i asked for a Bettie fringe - I got the most blank stare i have ever seen. Surely i am not the person who knows what a Bettie fringe is.

a near-black, 40's style, wavy wig

I love this - I have never mastered finger waves and this just looks so sophisticated. I think this is my favourite of all the vintage style ones.

The following wig isn't really an everyday wigs but since i made my fist purchase from AW about 2 years ago i have wanted her.

Beautiful extra long, straight, light pink wig

I have purchased from Annabelles Wigs twice in the past and i have never had any problems with either the wigs themselves or the customer service.

I thin you would struggle to find such a large selection of wigs at good prices anywhere else.

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