Sunday, 30 January 2011

Doody Kool Storage

I try to keep most of my Jewellery on my swag bag (i posted about my one here) which hangs on the back of my wardrobe door.

However, there are those pieces that are new or worn regularly that end up on top of my dressing table in an unorganised pile.

So i decided i needed to find a solution, and etsy came to my rescue once again with these beauties from Weasel Factory .

How do i choose?

Dark Grey Wood Circuitree Jewelry Tree

Shifty-Eyed Birds Jewelry Tree
Custom Colour

Sakura Tree Acrylic Jewelry Tree

and then i got distracted deciding which of their jewellery i would need to put on one.....

Empty Bubbles Necklace
wood or acrylic circles - custom colour

That's Mrs. Cullen To You, Thankyouverymuch

Oh, Happy Day / Oh, Crappy Day Ring Set

How fab is all this stuff !! Which 'tree' would you choose??

1 comment :

  1. Circitree would be my choice, although love them all. re using a swag bag - why hide your gems away when you could display them?!

    I've items from Weasel Factory and they are very original and well made, so I can highly recommend.