Sunday, 30 January 2011

Storage discount code

After seeing my last blog post, the very lovely Weasel Factory have offered you 10% of any purchases from the etsy shop for the next week.

If your after a bit of Jewellery or a Jewellery Storage solution then the code you need to use is......


I would love to know what you buy.

Doody Kool Storage

I try to keep most of my Jewellery on my swag bag (i posted about my one here) which hangs on the back of my wardrobe door.

However, there are those pieces that are new or worn regularly that end up on top of my dressing table in an unorganised pile.

So i decided i needed to find a solution, and etsy came to my rescue once again with these beauties from Weasel Factory .

How do i choose?

Dark Grey Wood Circuitree Jewelry Tree

Shifty-Eyed Birds Jewelry Tree
Custom Colour

Sakura Tree Acrylic Jewelry Tree

and then i got distracted deciding which of their jewellery i would need to put on one.....

Empty Bubbles Necklace
wood or acrylic circles - custom colour

That's Mrs. Cullen To You, Thankyouverymuch

Oh, Happy Day / Oh, Crappy Day Ring Set

How fab is all this stuff !! Which 'tree' would you choose??

Sunday, 23 January 2011

I now have a hair wishlist

I constantly struggle with my hair, I love it long but its too thick to straighten well and besides i love it curly but its too heavy for any curl to hold. So for practical reasons I'm stuck with short ish straight hair.

In the past i have worn wigs for the odd party and photo shoots and these still sit in my wardrobe as they are not really every day hair pieces (bright pink hair is not something you could wear everywhere)

I have now decided maybe i need a few hair pieces that could be worn out every now and then and i have my heart set on a few of these vintage style beauties from Annabelles Wigs

a black, 1920's kiss-curl wig

Note to self : If i could get my hair to curl i don't think it would look too dissimilar to this - i will go off and research my best curling options.

 a near-black, curled wig with short fringe

when i had my hair cut on Monday i asked for a Bettie fringe - I got the most blank stare i have ever seen. Surely i am not the person who knows what a Bettie fringe is.

a near-black, 40's style, wavy wig

I love this - I have never mastered finger waves and this just looks so sophisticated. I think this is my favourite of all the vintage style ones.

The following wig isn't really an everyday wigs but since i made my fist purchase from AW about 2 years ago i have wanted her.

Beautiful extra long, straight, light pink wig

I have purchased from Annabelles Wigs twice in the past and i have never had any problems with either the wigs themselves or the customer service.

I thin you would struggle to find such a large selection of wigs at good prices anywhere else.

New Find........

I love it, when for some random reason, i stumble upon a new shop or item of makeup or clothing line.

Today's find (and new love) is

Delicious Couture


As i find these places through blogs,twitter,facebook and word of mouth I feel like its my duty to pass the webshops address along, and to post pictures of the pretty things that they sell (and i want)

My very favourite is the taupe bow wings vest top £42.00 - the colour is gorgeous and the print is sooooo tattoo like which is very much to my tastes.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Plenty of pleats...........

I am not a big follower of trends, in fact i would say i am the polar opposite.
 I could pretend that's the way i like it but it tends to be that i am just slow and don't go shopping enough.

However, this year there is one spring trend i will be making an effort to make sure i get right, and its one started ( for me anyways) by the ever fabulous House of Holland.

Floaty and Feminine in Pastels.
Edgy in Metallics.

pictures from

Here are my high street picks, though I'm a bit short on colour.
What are your favourite takes on this trend??

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hair Solutions

This is probably going to sound silly, but I LOVE HAIR.

When i look at a person the first thing i am drawn to is the hair, when im looking at catwalk pictures the hair is the most important.

Whats probably going to sound sillier is that my hair looks like a birds nest constantly.
Its thick and lacklustre, a boring natural colour and unruley, split endy and boring.
 I hate my hair and i really struggle to do anything with it.

I think a lot of it is i dont have the right products or the right tools (or the right hair, but im kinda stuck with that one)

So, as my news years resolution is to be pleased with the way i look and i dont think any hair cut is going to make my hair easier to managei have been on the search for accessories that will help me look fab ( or a little bit more fab than i do now) with very little effort.

This is my list so far.......

Turbans courtesy of.........

I have never been a hat person, let alone a turban person but i have fallen in love with every single turban in this shop. They all look so fashionable and so easy to wear ( i think the gorgeous models help with that aspect)

They are extremely affordable with shipping at only $4.75 + $1.00 for each additional item.

Taupe and Faux Leather Phantom of the Opera Turban Headband
$20.00 (£13.00 ish)

Double Gunmetal Grey StuddedTurban
$22.00 (£14.50 ish)

Ultra Violet Luxxe Turban
$20.00 (£13.00 ish)

Note: I havent placed an order yet so i cant comment on the customer service but the 100% positive feedback from 1627 sales on etsy speaks for itself.

I was searching for some art deco inspired pieces when i stumbled upon Bethany's shop.
All of her pieces are beautiful and perfect for that special occassion.

Her shipping is $5.00 (£3.50 ish) flat for an order which i think is fab !!!

Eiffel Tower Champagne Beaded Headband
$23.00 (£15.00 ish)

NEW Silver Circle Chain Beaded Headband
Style no. 86
$24.00 (£15.50 ish)

Accessories by Daniel Hersheson
alos Available on

Hersheson Instant Clip in Highlights


I love the pink and the lilac.
 I wish that he would bring out a grey ala Chanel Spring/summer 2010 and Kate Moss

Hersheson Hair Bow Small

in the style of Lady Gaga


He also does a large one for £26.00
I think i could do with a black one for formal events and then the pink and blue for when i want to have a bit of fun
Last but not least the practical bits..........
My sister swears by these Goody Elastic's with StayPut hold

£1.98 for 10 from Asda.
I must say that i go through hair bands like nobodies business and i will bin one as soon as it looses even the littlest bit of it elastciity.
I borrowed one of my sisters Goody bands and i Love it and its lasted forever.
Note to self: Ask mum to pick me some up next time she goes to Asda as i need more than 1.
Do you love hair accessories??
Where do you like to shop for your hair bits and bobs???

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Years Resolutions

So im a bit late posting this , but then I was a bit late deciding what my New Years Resolutions were going to be.

When trying to come up with my list I thought of hundreds of things I would like to change. Luckily for my sanity (and my familys) I thought my list was tooooooooo much to deal with so I thought I would generalise.

By the end of the year I would like to..........

‘Feel happy with the way I look’

I hope that doesn’t seem big headed or vain. Its not how I mean it at all. I know I am never going to be a supermodel, but I don’t want to walk out of my house and feel like I have to hide from people. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.  Only 2 years ago i was travelling round the country posing (nude sometimes) for photographers and i would just love to be able to do that again.

I plan on breaking my goal down into little manageable bits, and they are.

Get a haircut and learn to style it.
Put a plan in place to loose weight
Learn to use the makeup I already own and add essentials to my collection when needed.

I am already working on them. I have a haircut booked for next week and I am meeting a nutritionist/diet club leader tomorrow.

Are any of you writing about your new years resolutions ?? I would love to add you to my blog roll so feel free to leave links in my comment.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Introducing Bryan

I love finding new places to browse for Jewllery, and one of the places I am paying regular trips to is.............

I fell in love with Bryan as soon as i saw him and he has been on my wishlist for months
( which i obviously didnt hint about enough as santa didnt bring them for christmas)

I am also slightly obsessed with Fergie at the moment, and the fact that she owns the mace ball earings only adds to their (already pretty serious) appeal.

I can be quite girly at times, but I LOVE spikes so these pieces by Joomi Lim piqued my interest straightaway. They are a perfect mix of feminie and edgy .

What pieces are you loving from Nyla?
Where do you go when you need a fix of 'pretty things' ?