Friday, 17 December 2010

Burlesque Clothing of the high street variety...........

 Miss Selfridge have released a range of clothes to coincide with the release of the new  movie Burlesque

I will be honest and say I haven't stepped foot in a real life Miss Selfridge shop since I was 17 and at college. I have always been under the impression (wrongly it appears) that the shop was just for teenagers and had only headed over to the online shop this evening looking for tops for my younger sister.

Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel more youthful but I have to say that I like quite a lot in the (online) shop at the moment and this includes a few of the Burlesque pieces.

The print on this is fab


The amount of detail on the top is amazing

I haven't seen the film yet , Not sure I will as the type of Burlesque I like watching is from the likes of Khandie Khisses and Missy Macabre (who btw features Mae West songs in one of her acts) and I'm about 100% sure that the movie wont be like that.

Image from

The Giveaway Winner is......................

Congratulations Maddie.
I have just sent you an email, I hope you enjoy the book and makeup as much as me x

Monday, 13 December 2010

The love affair continues..........

This time my tunic fix is coming from New Look

Look at these beauties I spotted in my local store (avail online) at the weekend.

I was really tempted to get both the nude, mushroomy colour Tunics for my works Xmas party but as I only went in for leggings I was good and didn't (on a plus I got the seam free leggings and they are are the comfiest and best fitting I own and I will be going back for more as at only £6.99 they are a bargain)

I don't often pop into my local New Look because I don't like the way they display their clothing. There could be 15 of one top on a rack and yet they are all size 8/10. I know some styles wouldn't suit me at a size 16/18 but I don't like to feel like a shop is telling me that. I want to be able to make my own fashion mistakes.  Is this standard in all stores?

Friday, 10 December 2010


My Cleopatra ish themed giveaway is due to finish in 7 days time.

The original post (here) has all the details on how to enter

Good Luck

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A local Inspired by.....

Although you may not believe it, I think I am starting to learn about the huge subject that can be summarised by the term 'Fashion'.

As the URL of my blog suggests, I don't want to look like I stepped out of a high street store at the same time as 50 other people and we all have the same purchases which are styled as per the mannequin in the window.

For a long time I thought the styling you see in fashion magazines, was only acceptable for magazines (can you tell I'm a country girl) and it took finding a few fashion blogs written by people with a great sense of individuality to teach me otherwise.

One of my favourite said blogs is Wolf Whistle

Whilst there isn't much Amy wears I don't like, I do have 2 favourite looks/Posts

1. Peter Pan Collars

2. Vintage Long Sleeved short Tunic Dresses

As I write this my daughter is at home poorly and tucked up on the sofa watching TV. She has told me I cant leave the room as 'she needs me to be close'  so I am using this as an excuse to ignore the housework and browse the net (rather than watching popa big sockings aka Pippy longstockings)

My first stop was the online shop for a 'real' shop in Norwich that I make the effort to walk past at least weekly on my lunch break just to look at the pretties even though I have never stepped inside the door.

That shop is...

Poppy Valentine.

I really want to go in but a) I'm skint and b) being of a larger size I always worry I am going to fall in love with something that about 20 sizes too small and that's a feeling I don't like.

So I settled down on my puter with a mug of tea and it didn't take long to stumble upon (and fall in love) with this dress...

Curious Lily Twiggy dress 010

It ticks all the boxes - A Vintage Long Sleeved short Tunic Dresses with a Peter Pan Collar, In Leopard print !!!!!

You can view this dress any all the other lovelies for sale here

I highly suggest everyone takes 5 minutes to check out the shop as there is something for everyone

Whats your favourite Poppy Valentine piece?

Which blogs do you follow that inspire you? 

Feel free to leave as many blog URLs (including your own) in the comments as you want - I enjoy my hour or so every evening catching up on the days blog posts.

Please also remember i have a giveaway running that at the moment has so few entrants you stand a very good job of winning - check it out here