Thursday, 18 November 2010

This week on Twitter I am loving................. @hettyanddave

I spend hours seeing who's tweeting about what and who, and going through lists of peoples followers and every once in a while i stumble upon a gem like @hettyanddave who have a post that automatically makes it into my favourites until i can get to my real puter (not my ipod) and dig a bit further.

The jewellery Love from Hetty & Dave produce is soooooooooooo me - theres not a piece i wouldn't love to wear but i do have a few favourites

They have a squirrel in their shop window


She is fab, and reminds me sooooo much of the work of one of my favourite artists

I urge everyone to follow them on Twitter @hettyanddave
and then try to resist making a purchase from the shop

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