Saturday, 20 November 2010

Animal Origami anyone????

If you like your jewellery to be that little bit different like I do then I highly recommend going to check out

yet another brand I happened upon on twitter (me @TalulaBBLogger them @gojewellery)

The concept of animal origami intrigued me so I asked the designer/founder of Go Jewellery, Charmaine, why she settled on this concept

The animals are designed based on the concepts of Origami as the defined paper folding lines on paper origami models are structurally formed lines to reflect memorable bonds in our lives.

Having been tempted for weeks, I finally decided to make a purchase last Thursday and I ordered

Charmaine Gold Rabbit Bracelet


Clara Silver Unicorn Bracelet

They turned up yesterday and I am sooooo pleased with them

They are packaged really well (one thing I do worry about with these fine chains is them getting tangled in the post but no chance of that happening here)

There is also space to write a little message on the back of the card, should you be giving one of these as a gift, which I think is a lovely touch

And of course the most important bit

They look Fab on

From a shoppers point of view the whole experience was perfect. I was kept informed of what stage my order was at a regular intervals, the website uses paypal (this is maybe a personal thing but i like the security paypal offers) and contact made via email (and even twitter) was answered without delay.

Now on my wish list is Alice......

Alice Pink Pig Necklace

Our adorable guardian angel pink pig cherished on sterling silver chain £28.00


I cant wait for more animals to be added to the line and will be going back regularly to check
(if there was a giraffe I would not be able to resist)

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