Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cleopatra: A Life (in makeup and jewellery with a giveaway)

I love to read and I love history ( the glamorous bits anyway), so when offered the chance to read & review Cleopatra: A Life by Pulitzer prize winner Stacy Schiff, I jumped at the chance. I was also brave enough to ask for another copy to giveaway but more on that later.

I have only got about a quarter of the way into the book (sadly, I don’t have as much time to read as I would like, or I would definitely have finished the book by now) so I don’t want to post my review yet. However, within the first 5 pages there were quotes that had me thinking of makeup and jewellery and it's these thoughts/products that I am going to write about.

“Whether you were a transgressive, power-hungry Egyptian Queen or a ruthless pirate, you were known for the “odious extravagance” of your accessories. Iniquity and opulence went hand in hand: your world blazed purple and gold.”

That quote has me thinking of scenes like this.........

As pointed out In the book, though, we have no idea what Cleopatra looked liked, with the only real ‘pictures’ of her being on the coinage of her reign, which she would have had to have approved.

I digress no more

Here are a few bits, inspired by the book, and more specifically that quote that i have either recently acquired or i have added to my ever expanding wish list.

New cid
i - smoulder - Smoky Eye Pencil and Shadow

I don't have this yet - but it seems to me to be perfect for creating a more modern sultry version of the famous Cleopatra eye.

New cid
i - flick - Double Ended Liner

Now this is a product i do have, and i LOVE. I love eyeliner and have always been very frustrated that i haven't been able to find a product that i, the one with no hand eye coordination, can use easily. I received this (very kindly sent to me by the brand with another one to giveaway) on Saturday and i have used it every day since.

The liquid liner lasts forever (over 14 hours) and the nib is the just the right size, for me anyway, to give a perfect, just noticeable, line.

I also love the ease of not having to search through my eyeliners to find a black Kohl, as there's one on the other end.

Most definately my favourite eyeliner and having and loving this is also making me want
i-smoulder that much more.

it's not quite Cleopatra related, but the bargain hunter in me couldnt resist sharing that if you head over to the New Cid website and purchase 3 items you can get a set of mini lipglosses for free.

£9.99 (currently on 3 for 2)
Morococo and Gilt-y

I have both of these and though i have only worn Gilt-y once or twice i find myself reaching for Morococo on a very reguar basis (as in daily for work). I am really surprised at how long the colour and sparkle lasts when on (especially given the texture) which i think is a bit strange).

Once i can get some daylight pictures (which is not possible during the week as it has decided to be dark by half 3) i will post some swatches

lil' bling Nail Polish
£ 5.99

I have this too and again, im surprised at how much i am wearing it (its on my nails as i type). Its a very grown up gold which is as suitable for work as it is a glam party.
It applies like a dream  ( i put on 2 thin coats) and lasted quite well (3 days for tip wear without a top coat)

one hit wonder gloss
£ 8.99

I dont have this gloss yet - but I do have the silver screen one and i think it is fab for adding sparkle to your lips.

Eyetouch/Blingtone Trio
Purple Haze

I purchased this whilst myface had a 'Fashion Night In' offer on and i picked it up purely as i would never normally buy (or wear) purple.

I think the blingtone (middle colour) is beautiful, as are the other 2 colours but the blingtone is extra special and I have used this trio numerous times to create a purple smoky eye.

Again, when i get the chance to do daylight pictures i will post some swatches.

And finally I think these 2 necklaces would complete the look

 Bulgari Chain with Two Swarovski crystals
36,00 €

( a site i am spending increasingly more and more time browsing)

Now onto the good bit....

The Giveaway

I was lucky enough to be given an extra copy of the book, a morococo bling tone and an i-flick to giveaway and i will be giving them all to one lucky follower.

To enter all you need to do is be a follower of my blog and comment on this post with contact details.

For an extra entry, post in a separate comment that you follow me on twitter (i'm @TalulaBbLogger) and include your twitter name so i can make sure im following  back

You will get a third entry if you tweet about my giveaway, making sure to include @TalulaBblogger so i know.

I will count entries up untill midnight on Friday 17th December and make sure i contact the winner that weekend so you can get the prizes (hopefully) before xmas

Im aftraid due to the weight of the book i can only post within the UK.
Thats it for now i think - if you have any questions with reagrds to the giveaway just post a comment and i will repond and update this post.

Good luck with the giveaways and i would love to hear your suggestions of what else should be going onto my list??

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Animal Origami anyone????

If you like your jewellery to be that little bit different like I do then I highly recommend going to check out

yet another brand I happened upon on twitter (me @TalulaBBLogger them @gojewellery)

The concept of animal origami intrigued me so I asked the designer/founder of Go Jewellery, Charmaine, why she settled on this concept

The animals are designed based on the concepts of Origami as the defined paper folding lines on paper origami models are structurally formed lines to reflect memorable bonds in our lives.

Having been tempted for weeks, I finally decided to make a purchase last Thursday and I ordered

Charmaine Gold Rabbit Bracelet


Clara Silver Unicorn Bracelet

They turned up yesterday and I am sooooo pleased with them

They are packaged really well (one thing I do worry about with these fine chains is them getting tangled in the post but no chance of that happening here)

There is also space to write a little message on the back of the card, should you be giving one of these as a gift, which I think is a lovely touch

And of course the most important bit

They look Fab on

From a shoppers point of view the whole experience was perfect. I was kept informed of what stage my order was at a regular intervals, the website uses paypal (this is maybe a personal thing but i like the security paypal offers) and contact made via email (and even twitter) was answered without delay.

Now on my wish list is Alice......

Alice Pink Pig Necklace

Our adorable guardian angel pink pig cherished on sterling silver chain £28.00


I cant wait for more animals to be added to the line and will be going back regularly to check
(if there was a giraffe I would not be able to resist)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

This week on Twitter I am loving................. @hettyanddave

I spend hours seeing who's tweeting about what and who, and going through lists of peoples followers and every once in a while i stumble upon a gem like @hettyanddave who have a post that automatically makes it into my favourites until i can get to my real puter (not my ipod) and dig a bit further.

The jewellery Love from Hetty & Dave produce is soooooooooooo me - theres not a piece i wouldn't love to wear but i do have a few favourites

They have a squirrel in their shop window


She is fab, and reminds me sooooo much of the work of one of my favourite artists

I urge everyone to follow them on Twitter @hettyanddave
and then try to resist making a purchase from the shop http://lovefromhettyanddave.bigcartel.com/

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The latest edition to my Lust List

I was lucky enough to take an all expenses paid trip to London on Monday to have some photographs taken to go with a feature I have taken part of for a tabloid paper.

One of the dresses the stylist gave me to try on was this......

I fell in love instantly.
That dress is what i would be if i were a dress (if that makes any sense)

Dorothy Perkins
£40.00 though currently reduced to £36.00

If your a bargain hunter like me - why not sign up to Quidco and get 6% cashback on any purchases from DP's. If you use my referral banner then we can both get £1.25 for nothing

I love Quidco GreenWhite

sadly i didn't get to wear it as the paper doesn't like tattoos and so i had to go for something a little longer, but its now on my Christmas list.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

If I had £60 to spend at Tesco Clothing

I would treat myself to this gorgeous Baroque Skirt and build an oufit for work around it.