Sunday, 3 October 2010

My kind of Kandee

As a 'bigger' lady (girl more realistically) my fashion choices are not as varied as someone who is a size 6/8/10/12.

Because of this i have developed quite an addiction to accessories and quirky accessories at that (anybody see my earlier post on the cat shaped bag)

As my staples at the moment are a pair of dark jeans, long black vest and cardigan anything that is going to dress this outfit up and make it more me is not on the shelves for long (figuratively speaking as i do most of my shopping online)

Twitter has recently worked its magic again (though not for my poor husbands bank balance when he sees my Christmas list (only 82 days to go !!)) and led me to kandee Shoes.

On my list are not one pair of shoes but 3 from the new A/W collection that I urge everyone to go and have a look at (link above)

Milky Bar Boot

Who doesn't need a pair of boots for winter - and with camel/being hues being all the rage this season i don't think you could get a more on trend pair of boots

Yellow Liquorice Allsoles

Pumps are an essential in my shoe wardrobe. I am a busy mum and heels and a muddy park don't often mix so i tend to spend most of my time in flats.

I could also wear these to work, and whilst looking very smart i know that on the inside is that flash of yellow making them a bit more me.

They are also available in Fuscia and Blue inners, but as i am obsessed with yellow (still not brought the yellow lipstick though) there was no question about which ones would be my favs.
Caramel Crunch Ballet Pump

And these are my to die for shoes. My absolute favourites of anything on the site.

They are a gorgeous on trend colour and the studs (which i love) just add the finishing touch.

Which are your favourite?

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