Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The still to be named feature * Male Models* GiveawayS

 I am still starting with the giveaway as not one person entered last week *sob*
and this week we have something new !!

The prize has rolled over so is still 5 pigments from glittersniffer all inspired by the work of Angelique Houtkamp but this week I have also kindly been offered a necklace from my favouritest etsy shop ever Wicked Minky, to giveaway to one of my readers so I am adding this to the prize pot.

All you need to do to win both prizes is let me know what your favourite Wicked Minky piece is, or if you dont have a favourite piece, what you would like to see in the shop.

I love everything but I am a fan of her custom items, I already own 2 custom pieces and a 3rd is currently being worked on.  I also have one of her designs as a rather large tattoo on my leg which I think is the biggest positive review I could give

Any comments about what the feature should be called will qualify as an extra entry

The giveaway is open internationally to all my followers, and the winner will be posted on next weeks post and emailed if an email is left.

Now onto to the tattoo type subject which is once again just nice pictures to look at.

I wanted to post these pictures of male fashion models as I was quite shocked when I clicked on the mens t shirt page on asos to see the first 3 models were all tattooed and one, quite heavily. This shocked me because I think tattoos on women are viewed as quite alternative (and often are meant to appear that way) and tattooed high fashion models are more the exception than the rule . You can't however say the same for the men as these models (Nicholas Lemons/Josh Beech/Tyler Riggs) prove.
(I also wanted to post the pictures becuase these blokes are hot !!!)


  1. i love the mini mustach necklace! soo adorable...mustache items ae so popular right now


  2. Really love the Emerald peridot earrings.. so different and I love green.
    Her store is really great.

    Lovely giveaway btw especially the necklace!

    Fee @ makeupsavvy.co.uk



  3. Oh my!! I love that store!
    I've fallen for the human heart necklaces...I need one!

    On another note I love your blog... and I'm in it!! *excited squeel!!*

    I've got alot more tattoo work since then, rose and ivy 1/2 sleeves. I'm 28 hours in with around 12 to go. I cant wait till they are finished, though I'm sure I'll find another project to start if I can find some more space!

    On a similar note I love hot tattooed men! Just one doesnt cut it though,they need to be covered or it doesnt count!

    Get in touch soon, its been bloody ages and I'd love a catch up.



  4. OH WOW! *faints* Thanks so much for introducing me to the wonder that is WickedMinky - yet another fabulous individual etsy shop for me to drool over. I am in love with Day of the Dead stuff, the sugar skulls being my favourite thing. If there could be anything else it would be something with cherries on.

    I'm super impressed with the tattoo story - I'd love to see a picture. :)