Tuesday, 25 May 2010

* Tattoo Talk * Decisions Decisions

I have definately decided that I will be having 5 Russian Dolls added to my leg on the 14 August (During Norwich Body Art Festival), though I havent yet decided 100% upon the design.

I had also decided prior to tonight, that I wanted something small on my left wrist so the small G on my right wrist wasn't so lonely.

That's the 'G' I have - It's from the original Malayalam script

I have now decided that I want some type of script, the text I want, the font I want and size I want it. Thats a lot of decisions for me in one evening.

The decisions were helped along by:

I have decided upon these Latin phrases in these fonts:

and they will look something like this (but 100% better) when they are done:

At the moment they are stuck on using Temporary Tattoos Paper from Photopaper direct. It sounds like a strange thing to be sitting around but I have found it invaluable when deciding upon the position and size of tattoos that obviously can't be changed then they are on.

I havent got the appliaction technique down to a tee, really becuase i have never bothered as i never leave them on long enough for anyone to see them, but I am sure with a bit of practice tattoos printed on this paper could be as good as any shop bought version. I have printed pictures onto the paper to transfer to my nails though, and with a layer of top coat they look really cool.

I didnt start writing this paragraph to be a recommendation of some paper but I guess it has turned out that way so for anyone interested the paper is from Photopaper Direct and at the moment it's £5.89 for five sheets
( I use the same sheet over and over - I just change where I am printing things so they fit in any spaces, but I will be placing another order soon (using quidco) as I am starting to run low) 

Back onto the subject of my tattoo's:
 what do you think of the phrases, the font and the positioning???
I would love some feedback.

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