Tuesday, 25 May 2010

* Tattoo Talk * Decisions Decisions

I have definately decided that I will be having 5 Russian Dolls added to my leg on the 14 August (During Norwich Body Art Festival), though I havent yet decided 100% upon the design.

I had also decided prior to tonight, that I wanted something small on my left wrist so the small G on my right wrist wasn't so lonely.

That's the 'G' I have - It's from the original Malayalam script

I have now decided that I want some type of script, the text I want, the font I want and size I want it. Thats a lot of decisions for me in one evening.

The decisions were helped along by:

I have decided upon these Latin phrases in these fonts:

and they will look something like this (but 100% better) when they are done:

At the moment they are stuck on using Temporary Tattoos Paper from Photopaper direct. It sounds like a strange thing to be sitting around but I have found it invaluable when deciding upon the position and size of tattoos that obviously can't be changed then they are on.

I havent got the appliaction technique down to a tee, really becuase i have never bothered as i never leave them on long enough for anyone to see them, but I am sure with a bit of practice tattoos printed on this paper could be as good as any shop bought version. I have printed pictures onto the paper to transfer to my nails though, and with a layer of top coat they look really cool.

I didnt start writing this paragraph to be a recommendation of some paper but I guess it has turned out that way so for anyone interested the paper is from Photopaper Direct and at the moment it's £5.89 for five sheets
( I use the same sheet over and over - I just change where I am printing things so they fit in any spaces, but I will be placing another order soon (using quidco) as I am starting to run low) 

Back onto the subject of my tattoo's:
 what do you think of the phrases, the font and the positioning???
I would love some feedback.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Another Piece * Scarab Beetle Earrings *

My newest Wickminky purchase turned up this morning. (I have no idea how her things turn up so quickly, 7 days for international shipping is Fab !! )

Its another custom piece, being scarab beetle earrings with each beetle a different colour as I will only wear one at a time.

Im seriously considering a scarab beetle tatoo - Is that weird??

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Tattoo Talk * Giveaway Winner

Firstly Congratulations to...........................


who is the winner of the Wicked Minky necklace and Glittersniffer eyeshadows.

and in response to your comment Pixie you can see my Wicked Minky tattoo here.

If you can email me your address (talulabmodel@aol.com) I will arrange for the prizes to be posted asap.

This weeks tattoo topic is very personal to me.

My first memory of a tattoo is of me spending hours looking at my grandads when i was tiny. He was in the Navy and seems to have subscribed to all the traditions so has quite a few (anchor,sparrow etc etc)

I had my recent sparrow done to emulate my grandads so i will always have a memory of him. (for some reason i cant upload the picture again but i originally posted about it here)

Over the last couple of weeks i have been reading quite a lot about the history and culture surrounding the tattoo. I wont go into a long essay, but here are a few fact surrounding the tattoo and the British Navy.

It was Captain Cook returning from his expeditions to Polynesia, who brought stories of the native tattoos that inspired sailors to get tattoo's.

Tattoos have also long been used as a means of identifying people who have drowned

By the end of the 19th Century 90% of sailors had a tattoo

A sailor would get a swallow tattoo after successfully sailing a certain amount of miles (i have read that it's 5,000 nautical miles at sea) and a an anchor tattoo after having crossed the atlantic ocean

On a different note there also appears to have been a correlation between sailors with psychatric problems and the number of tattoos they have. I am a geek and i found this out by reading a report on the British Journal of Criminology Website , if anyone has any spare time and reads this i would love to know what you think of it.

I will be back to pictures and fashion and jewellery next week

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The still to be named feature * Male Models* GiveawayS

 I am still starting with the giveaway as not one person entered last week *sob*
and this week we have something new !!

The prize has rolled over so is still 5 pigments from glittersniffer all inspired by the work of Angelique Houtkamp but this week I have also kindly been offered a necklace from my favouritest etsy shop ever Wicked Minky, to giveaway to one of my readers so I am adding this to the prize pot.

All you need to do to win both prizes is let me know what your favourite Wicked Minky piece is, or if you dont have a favourite piece, what you would like to see in the shop.

I love everything but I am a fan of her custom items, I already own 2 custom pieces and a 3rd is currently being worked on.  I also have one of her designs as a rather large tattoo on my leg which I think is the biggest positive review I could give

Any comments about what the feature should be called will qualify as an extra entry

The giveaway is open internationally to all my followers, and the winner will be posted on next weeks post and emailed if an email is left.

Now onto to the tattoo type subject which is once again just nice pictures to look at.

I wanted to post these pictures of male fashion models as I was quite shocked when I clicked on the mens t shirt page on asos to see the first 3 models were all tattooed and one, quite heavily. This shocked me because I think tattoos on women are viewed as quite alternative (and often are meant to appear that way) and tattooed high fashion models are more the exception than the rule . You can't however say the same for the men as these models (Nicholas Lemons/Josh Beech/Tyler Riggs) prove.
(I also wanted to post the pictures becuase these blokes are hot !!!)