Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Feature * Giveaway * Tattoo's * Angelique Houtkamp

I love body art.

Because of this I have decided to do a new weekly feature (hopefully on a Tuesday), showcasing the work of some of my favourite tattoo artists, body art models and body art of the non permanent variety as I know tattoos are not everybody’s thing.

There is no better way to start the first week of this feature than by showcasing the work of possibly one of my favourite tattoo artists ever.

Angelique Houtkamp

She is absolutely stunning, as well as the brains behind some of the most beautiful art.



Snake Charmer


You can check out her website here for more info on herself and her art. There is also a shop to peruse. (Luckily the main thing I want, the Octavia T-shirt is out of stock so that stopped me also going for a print). If  anyone is after an original these are mainly sold through the Outre Gallery.

I can’t afford €230 for her to design me a tattoo so I just have to be content spending my hours looking at her work in her book ‘Tattoo Mystique’.


I am also very pleased to say that GlitterSniffer have also offered to sponsor a little giveaway. The prize being 5 pigments, chosen by Glittersniffer, that are reminiscent of the colours used by Angelique in her work

To enter all you need to do is comment with your idea of what I should name this feature. The giveaway is open internationally to all my followers and comments made before midnight next Monday will be entered.If you can leave your email address it will make it easier for the winner to be contacted.

I will post the winner with next weeks feature as well as sending an email.

I am hoping to make this an interactive feature so if you know of anyone (tattooist, designer (tattoo’s, clothes, jewellery), model, shop) that you think I should feature make sure to email me or leave a comment.

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  1. awesome! very excited for this feature and Angelique is the perfect way to kick it off! I did a top 5 hot tattooed blondes a couple of weeks back you should check it out!