Friday, 9 April 2010

My love triangle explained - mini review

I have never considered myself brand loyal, not even preferring a certain product from a certain brand over alternatives i.e. always choosing a Chanel Lipstick

However, brand/product loyalty was something that I considered once I had tried the smashbox cream eye liners. I considered it to the point I now own 9 different shades and had put all my other eyeliners always (getting rid of them was that extra step I wasn’t quite willing to take)

Smashbox After Party Eyeliner Trio

Not long ago though i-gel from new cid cosmetics came into my life. I really didnt need these so I can only that Zuneta for the fab advertising, demo videos and freebies (and having placed orders previously I knew the customer service would be fantastic) that led me to spend £40 on two trios.

I purchased midnight (a blue,emerald and indigo collection) and Bronze (copper,bronze and stone). Graphite is the trio shown.

And now, I have this daily debate in my head over which eyeliner I should choose, which is ridiculous but I thought I would write it down anyway.

I get my smashbox eyeliners from who sell them at sometimes greatly reduced prices. They also have free gift with a spend over £35 (which has meant both of my order have been over this) and I have never had any problems with the speed of postage.

I purchased my i-gels from Zuneta, who as I mentioned above do free gifts and quick postage.

A smasbox trio of eyeliners will cost you £5.50 ( you can also get single pots, and a pallette of 10 colours and a lot of the limited edition collections also contain an eyeliner)(I have this one from the Wicked collection)

An i-gel trio will cost you £ 20.00

The smashbox trios tend to be made up of different but complimentary colours

2 out of 3 of the i-gel trios contain 3 shades of the same colour (ish)

The smashbox liners are creamier in consistency than the i-gel, as you would expect from the name its more of a thick gel, but both apply beautifully. I did find that it took a few attempts to get the application of the i-gel correct as I was finding that I would end up with far too much product on my brush)

The i-gels can be used all over the lid like a cream eyeshadow, and they make fantastic base colours. I haven’t tried this with the smashbox liners but I don’t think it would be quite as successful.

The i-gels last slightly longer than the smashbox liners, but they will both last a full day.

I have slightly hooded eyes so when I do a think line I tend to get a bit of transfer with the smashbox liners, which I think is because they are creamier in texture. There is no sign of transfer with the i-gel whatever.

I will also happily use the i-gel on my waterline, confident in the fact that it will not budge nor leave me looking like the panda.

I dont use my smashbox liners on my waterline.

Each i-gel trio comes with a brush. I don’t use said brush, but that’s only because I have finally figured out how to apply eyeliner neatly with my smashbox brush so and I won’t use another brush (so I guess I am a bit brand loyal)

Smashbox Classic #21 Arced (angled) Fine Eyeliner Brush

The smashbox brush needs to be purchased separately and will cost £11 here

There is much more colour choice in the smashbox liners, but as new cid cosmetics are a new brand I am sure this will change if other people love the products like I do.
Did I mention that the i-gel trio is nearly £15.00 more expensive than a smashbox one

I have concluded I love both products equally, so it will come down to how flush I am feeling and the current offers available, if I ever get through everything I have and need to purchase more cream/gel eyeliner.

Is there anything else I should be considering in my decision making process???

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