Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ever since I was little….

I have wanted a pair of rhinestone cat eye glasses and this fascination is all thanks to Marty Maraschino

I have decided this summer is the year that I am going to own a pair because

a. I am fed up of being blind in summer because I either wear non prescription sunglasses or wear no sunglasses

b. Cat eye glasses are in this year.

Prada eyebrow glasses

I sooooooooo would wear those.

I have been religiously trawling eBay, dead mens spex and giant and whilst I love what I have seen am after a real bargain on the frames as im going to have to have prescription lenses put in them.

How Prada are they with the 'eyebrow' detailing

Any ideas where else I should be looking for more of a bargain???

1 comment :

  1. I really like the new cat eye look. I've been experimenting WITHOUT my glasses and I found that I look soo much better with my glasses on because they frame my face. They make my eyes look better and make me look smarter. Since I live in Korea, there is like this huge 'big' glasses thing going around so I fit in a bit better. I also have terrible eyesight! It's getting better though! Wish you the best of luck with yours and your search to find the right glasses!

    -Sae Rin