Monday, 26 April 2010

De Lacy Bag's

Im drooling over these bags that I stumbled upon on etsy in as ladylike a fashion a possible.
Everything this gentleman (Edward De Lacy) makes appeals to my inner rock chick (who knew accountants had inner rock chicks hey)


studded black leather clutch

I love this clutch - Once again I a season behind the trends so I am only just getting the stud's thing but I have now got the stud bug in a big way.

I do get the impressions from the pictures though that the clutches are quite thin so wont hold a lot - but thats purely going on the pictures so I may be well of the mark. Please comment if you know more than I do.

I couldnt choose a favourite tote to show as I am inpressed with the shape of all of them. I think out of all the bags on the site these totes are the most day to day (or they would be for the accountant me)




If my finances would stretch to it I would already own 1 (or 7) but in the mean time I will be purchasing some of the accessories to Delacyfy ( pronunced dee-lace-ee-fi) the bags I already own.

All these keychains are $8.00 each
I highly recommend visiting the etsy shop's (one for Bags and one for accessories) and though I cant vouch personally for the service his feeback is impressive...

Completely addicted! I won't buy a handbag from anyone else. On my way to an amazing collection :-) Thanks Edward, simply the best as always.

(+) YAY, Edward's the best!!!!!! Spread the word! Awesome stuff and great seller to deal with....
The photo doesn't do my lovely new handbag justice...Extremely well shipment...pretty much perfect...

ps: If anyone gets as annoyed at etsy being in $ i have put a widget in the sidebar that should show the up to date exchange rate
Anyhing you have fallen in love with??

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