Friday, 30 April 2010

The still to be named feature * My favourite Tattooed ladies* Giveaway

This post I am going to start with the giveaway as not one person entered last week *sob*

The prize has rolled over so is still 5 pigments from glittersniffer all inspired by the work of Angelique Houtkamp.

All you need to do to win these pigments is comment with what you think a good name for this weekly body art  feature would be 

The giveaway is open internationally to all my followers, and the winner will be posted on next weeks post and emailed if an email is left.

Now onto what I want to post about this week.

Tattooed Ladies

I wont start an essay about the signifance of women being tattood.  I just really want to share some pictures of who I consider to be the most beautiful women today with body art (this list is far from exhaustive - I dont know where to start looking for these type of models so my sources are mainly mainstream ish magazines so please feel free to share details of any more beautiful women to inspire me )

The essay may come at a later date !!!

Its nice to see a female with her legs tattooed.
For work I cant have any of my tattoos on show, so I have really been restricted to having the larger pieces on my leg which I think can look as femenine as the arms/chest as this picture proves.

  I kinda really should mention how fantastic Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Alyssa Milano look with their tattoo's

I have always wanted a tattoo on the back of my neck like Alyssa but I have not yet had the nerve to get one and I know I don't have the patience to do my hair to keep neck covered for work.
 ( I was slighlty obsessed by Charmed as a teenager - hence why my daughter is Paige (dont tell the hubby))

Doing a post of this title I couldnt not mention my friends 'The Tattoed Ladies' Lou La La and Miss Loula Cherry who both sport some of the most stunning body art I have ever been lucky enough to see in the flesh.

all images have been sourced directly from the models websites

Edit: Aplogies for not posting this on tuesday - I scheduled it to post and it didnt !!!

Monday, 26 April 2010

De Lacy Bag's

Im drooling over these bags that I stumbled upon on etsy in as ladylike a fashion a possible.
Everything this gentleman (Edward De Lacy) makes appeals to my inner rock chick (who knew accountants had inner rock chicks hey)


studded black leather clutch

I love this clutch - Once again I a season behind the trends so I am only just getting the stud's thing but I have now got the stud bug in a big way.

I do get the impressions from the pictures though that the clutches are quite thin so wont hold a lot - but thats purely going on the pictures so I may be well of the mark. Please comment if you know more than I do.

I couldnt choose a favourite tote to show as I am inpressed with the shape of all of them. I think out of all the bags on the site these totes are the most day to day (or they would be for the accountant me)




If my finances would stretch to it I would already own 1 (or 7) but in the mean time I will be purchasing some of the accessories to Delacyfy ( pronunced dee-lace-ee-fi) the bags I already own.

All these keychains are $8.00 each
I highly recommend visiting the etsy shop's (one for Bags and one for accessories) and though I cant vouch personally for the service his feeback is impressive...

Completely addicted! I won't buy a handbag from anyone else. On my way to an amazing collection :-) Thanks Edward, simply the best as always.

(+) YAY, Edward's the best!!!!!! Spread the word! Awesome stuff and great seller to deal with....
The photo doesn't do my lovely new handbag justice...Extremely well shipment...pretty much perfect...

ps: If anyone gets as annoyed at etsy being in $ i have put a widget in the sidebar that should show the up to date exchange rate
Anyhing you have fallen in love with??

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I think I have found it....

Still on my hunt for the perfect yellow I recently purchased the Mirror Mirror collection from Rock A Betty Beauty on etsy.

A Limited and Special Edition Lid Luster Eyeshdow Collection containing hott, bright and vibrant shadows based on Lewis Carroll's yummy stories of magic, mayhem and childhood...aka Alice and her adventures in wonderland...

I will state for those who don’t know, I am a cheapskate, so rather than paying $38 for 6 full size products when I actually only want to try one, I contacted the seller who immediately said she would sort me out a sample pack. It’s little customer service things like that, that impress me.

The products arrived within 2 weeks, I know once posted its out of the vendors hands but it does annoy me when some international orders take 10 weeks(and counting) so prompt delivery is another plus point in my book. The sample baggies were generous and well packaged.

Onto the colours….

I will start by saying I LOVE THE YELLOW 'Tik Tok'. The pigmentation is fabulous, the texture of the eyeshadow is gorgeous and it lasts really well.

Cheshire (A sexy, smokey plum loaded with fuschia glitter) and Drink me (A shimmering, soft white loaded with royal blue glitter) both contain glitter and as you can probably tell from the swatches when I put these colours on the glitter fell straight onto the floor. I hadn’t used a primer though, or any kind of face glue so I didn’t go out of my way to try and get the glittery particles to stick so they may stay sparkly if you make the effort. I do think the base colours are really pretty without the sparkle though.

'Pool of Tears' - A deep, lush aqua is the most beautiful blue I have ever seen, I don’t tend to wear blues on my eyes but I think this summer it may be a colour I wear regularly.

Overall, I am very impressed with this collection and the customer service.

New Feature * Giveaway * Tattoo's * Angelique Houtkamp

I love body art.

Because of this I have decided to do a new weekly feature (hopefully on a Tuesday), showcasing the work of some of my favourite tattoo artists, body art models and body art of the non permanent variety as I know tattoos are not everybody’s thing.

There is no better way to start the first week of this feature than by showcasing the work of possibly one of my favourite tattoo artists ever.

Angelique Houtkamp

She is absolutely stunning, as well as the brains behind some of the most beautiful art.



Snake Charmer


You can check out her website here for more info on herself and her art. There is also a shop to peruse. (Luckily the main thing I want, the Octavia T-shirt is out of stock so that stopped me also going for a print). If  anyone is after an original these are mainly sold through the Outre Gallery.

I can’t afford €230 for her to design me a tattoo so I just have to be content spending my hours looking at her work in her book ‘Tattoo Mystique’.


I am also very pleased to say that GlitterSniffer have also offered to sponsor a little giveaway. The prize being 5 pigments, chosen by Glittersniffer, that are reminiscent of the colours used by Angelique in her work

To enter all you need to do is comment with your idea of what I should name this feature. The giveaway is open internationally to all my followers and comments made before midnight next Monday will be entered.If you can leave your email address it will make it easier for the winner to be contacted.

I will post the winner with next weeks feature as well as sending an email.

I am hoping to make this an interactive feature so if you know of anyone (tattooist, designer (tattoo’s, clothes, jewellery), model, shop) that you think I should feature make sure to email me or leave a comment.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ever since I was little….

I have wanted a pair of rhinestone cat eye glasses and this fascination is all thanks to Marty Maraschino

I have decided this summer is the year that I am going to own a pair because

a. I am fed up of being blind in summer because I either wear non prescription sunglasses or wear no sunglasses

b. Cat eye glasses are in this year.

Prada eyebrow glasses

I sooooooooo would wear those.

I have been religiously trawling eBay, dead mens spex and giant and whilst I love what I have seen am after a real bargain on the frames as im going to have to have prescription lenses put in them.

How Prada are they with the 'eyebrow' detailing

Any ideas where else I should be looking for more of a bargain???

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Talking of cute cheerleaders

Here is one that is all mine.....

Friday, 9 April 2010

My love triangle explained - mini review

I have never considered myself brand loyal, not even preferring a certain product from a certain brand over alternatives i.e. always choosing a Chanel Lipstick

However, brand/product loyalty was something that I considered once I had tried the smashbox cream eye liners. I considered it to the point I now own 9 different shades and had put all my other eyeliners always (getting rid of them was that extra step I wasn’t quite willing to take)

Smashbox After Party Eyeliner Trio

Not long ago though i-gel from new cid cosmetics came into my life. I really didnt need these so I can only that Zuneta for the fab advertising, demo videos and freebies (and having placed orders previously I knew the customer service would be fantastic) that led me to spend £40 on two trios.

I purchased midnight (a blue,emerald and indigo collection) and Bronze (copper,bronze and stone). Graphite is the trio shown.

And now, I have this daily debate in my head over which eyeliner I should choose, which is ridiculous but I thought I would write it down anyway.

I get my smashbox eyeliners from who sell them at sometimes greatly reduced prices. They also have free gift with a spend over £35 (which has meant both of my order have been over this) and I have never had any problems with the speed of postage.

I purchased my i-gels from Zuneta, who as I mentioned above do free gifts and quick postage.

A smasbox trio of eyeliners will cost you £5.50 ( you can also get single pots, and a pallette of 10 colours and a lot of the limited edition collections also contain an eyeliner)(I have this one from the Wicked collection)

An i-gel trio will cost you £ 20.00

The smashbox trios tend to be made up of different but complimentary colours

2 out of 3 of the i-gel trios contain 3 shades of the same colour (ish)

The smashbox liners are creamier in consistency than the i-gel, as you would expect from the name its more of a thick gel, but both apply beautifully. I did find that it took a few attempts to get the application of the i-gel correct as I was finding that I would end up with far too much product on my brush)

The i-gels can be used all over the lid like a cream eyeshadow, and they make fantastic base colours. I haven’t tried this with the smashbox liners but I don’t think it would be quite as successful.

The i-gels last slightly longer than the smashbox liners, but they will both last a full day.

I have slightly hooded eyes so when I do a think line I tend to get a bit of transfer with the smashbox liners, which I think is because they are creamier in texture. There is no sign of transfer with the i-gel whatever.

I will also happily use the i-gel on my waterline, confident in the fact that it will not budge nor leave me looking like the panda.

I dont use my smashbox liners on my waterline.

Each i-gel trio comes with a brush. I don’t use said brush, but that’s only because I have finally figured out how to apply eyeliner neatly with my smashbox brush so and I won’t use another brush (so I guess I am a bit brand loyal)

Smashbox Classic #21 Arced (angled) Fine Eyeliner Brush

The smashbox brush needs to be purchased separately and will cost £11 here

There is much more colour choice in the smashbox liners, but as new cid cosmetics are a new brand I am sure this will change if other people love the products like I do.
Did I mention that the i-gel trio is nearly £15.00 more expensive than a smashbox one

I have concluded I love both products equally, so it will come down to how flush I am feeling and the current offers available, if I ever get through everything I have and need to purchase more cream/gel eyeliner.

Is there anything else I should be considering in my decision making process???

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Thankyou Dad

Look what my Dad made me !!!

A step for my Wii board to increase it's hight to just over 7"  so that I get more of a workout when doing the step games.

It also flips over to become a standard aerobic step, which I shall use when I finally get round to trying this DVD...

I really wouldnt mind looking like this......

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Juggling for Fitness - Jugglefit DVD review.

I have had these juggling DVD’s for weeks, and I have been putting off writing the review as my thoughts on how I wanted to approach it is forever changing but here goes....

I am very much a person who will jump in all guns blazing on any kind of exercise trend. You name it, I have probably tried it.

So when I saw an advert somewhere (I cannot for the life of me remember where) for Jugglefit, it didn’t take much for it to sell itself to me.

The website boasts these as the benefits, and there is not one that didn’t appeal to me.

Juggling is a truly portable workout.
Juggling makes you smarter.
Juggling sharpens focus & concentration.
Juggling is the ultimate in stress relief.
Juggling is an exercise that doesn't 'feel' like exercise.
You can juggle where you are, no travel required!
Juggling maintains and increases range of motion in the arms and shoulders.
Juggling is one of the best ways to improve coordination.
Juggling is beneficial for all age groups and body types.
Juggling helps ward off cravings.
Juggling makes exercising with family and friends easy.

I now own the beginner and intermediate DVD’s along with scarves and balls.

When it comes to the detailed bit I will review this in my own little way by commenting on each of the benefits. But I really should start with a little background.

I cant/couldn’t juggle when these arrived. I never could, though not for want of trying. I went through a stage when I was very young where I wanted to be in the circus and seeing as aerial acrobatics are not accessible to a six year old I tried my hand at juggling and never managed to pick it up.

My hand eye coordination has never been brilliant (hence struggling at six, though I have now learnt my technique was all wrong) but I do find that my concentration and coordination are worse during my periods of depression, so having suffered quite badly until literally a few months a go with PND, those skills are not at there peak.

When the DVD’s (beginner with the scarves and intermediate with the balls) arrived, I kidded myself into thinking I did not need to start with the scarves so jumped right in at the deep end aka the intermediate DVD

And soon learnt I really did need to start with the scarves - there is a reason the beginner DVD is named as such.

I don’t regret starting where I did because even though I didn’t pick it up, I spent nearly an hour (after having done the entire DVD) just trying to get those 3 little balls to like me. They still don’t. But it was exercise and it was a jiggle. My husband did try to take some photos but as I tend to concentrate with my mouth agog there was not a flattering one amongst them, so I shanty be sharing.

Even though I still have not got the technique down well enough for any time I can manage to throw all 3 to be anything less than a fluke the 3 balls have been somewhere accessible to me at all time, just so that when I have even 2 minutes spare I can pick them up.

Moving on, next time I wanted to watch an exercise DVD I put the beginner one on.

And I got juggling with all 3 scarves instantly. I find juggling with the scarves very different to the balls (control, weight, hand direction) so I don’t see juggling with the scarves as a way to build up to the balls but as something that is extremely worthwhile in its own right.

Now I am still not brilliant at the scarves but I can do it long enough to get into the zone, and it’s because of this little time that though I can’t comment on all the benefits from experience, I feel I can comment on the basis they are only one step away from where I currently am.

My thoughts on the claims:

Juggling is a truly portable workout – the balls even sometimes go in my handbag when I think imp going somewhere I will have the time to do it

Juggling makes you smarter – I can’t doubt that this and the next claim are true. its comment sense and I know from personal experience I really have to concentrate

Juggling sharpens focus & concentration.

Juggling is the ultimate in stress relief – When I juggle I think of nothing else. I will say that I did get frustrated in the start when I dropped a ball/scarf but that has lessened now, and I think it was a ‘me’ thing

Juggling is an exercise that doesn't 'feel' like exercise - Doing it you don’t appreciate the workout your core and your arms are getting. If the wii fit has juggling as a calorie burning exercise it must be so.

You can juggle where you are, no travel required! - agreed though if your like me space and privacy are a benefit

Juggling maintains and increases range of motion in the arms and shoulders - I don’t think I have issues with my range of motion, but after having spoken to my personal trainer in detail about juggling and the other exercises on the DVD she does say that this seems a fantastic way for someone completely new to exercise or having experienced some kind of injury to work on the range of motion and balance.

Juggling is one of the best ways to improve coordination - As my juggling is still not up to scratch I can’t say mine coordination has fantastically improved but I can see how it would.

Juggling helps ward off cravings - I do get engrossed at times so I can see how it could

Juggling makes exercising with family and friends easy - My daughter, husband, dad, sister and even my husbands friends have all had a go and saying your trying to learn to juggle is a talking point if nothing else.

As you will have hopefully got the impression, I am quite impressed with the concept of juggling as an exercise and there is nothing negative to say about the DVD’s. They are not a huge budget production, which to me is a bonus. They feel very personal and anyone at any level can do the entire DVD as all variations are explained in detail.  Though, they are not cheap if getting them to the UK means getting stung with a customs charge, but as Jugglefit have a youtube channel all you really need to invest in is some balls

I will be continuing to use the scarves for the more therapeutic benefits of juggling, and I will also be continuing to practicing using the balls a) because I am fed up of having to say I still cant do it b) I think my daughter will probably get there before me if I don’t hurry up (and she can’t even really catch one ball) and c) after having been told by my trainer there are going to be juggling/exercise classes starting local to her – I need to make my head start worth something if a juggling craze ensues

the DVD’s are available here and are priced as follows:


I was sent my copies for review purposes but this has in no way affected my review.