Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Working out like a Doll

I finally got round to trying the PussyCat Dolls workout DVD last night (after it has sat unopened since Christmas)

I’m not going to review it as such, just put down on paper the things that came out of my mouth today whilst chatting to a colleague about it.

As soon as the first shot appeared I went into mum mode – All the girls and Robin have fantastic bodies but they were not wearing enough clothes. And the blatant trying really hard to be sexy thing just made me embarrassed. Talk about hairography !!!

Please excuse the Glee reference - I am suck a Gleek and I think I am in love with Puck.

I really hope I look as good as Robin at 48 years old but you can get your point across and be sexy in more clothes.

Embarrassment aside I started the DVD and very quickly got even more embarrassed.

I don’t need to see people slapping and shaking their bums so enthusiastically. I know its one way to ramp up the energy level but it made me cringe.

That aside the routines were broken down well enough to allow you to remember them and The jumps, kicks and punches all ramp up the energy which makes it feel more like your doing exercise than trying to seduce your telly whilst wearing gym clothes (that’s how I felt and I am sure that’s some weird reflection on how my brain works)

I do think some of the individual moves were not explained well enough and for anyone not used to ‘shakin their booty’ (like me) they might be a bit awkward.

I have to say of anyone does like the idea of toning up whilst learning to be sexy, then Carmen Electra’s dvd’s are worth looking at.

I have 2 of them and i think she is fantastic at putting her knowledge of all dance genres and exercise together to make the workouts fun but rewarding.

I have lent the Pussycat dolls dvd to my colleague at work who seemed very interested to try it so I will add her thoughts to this post once I have them as I am sure they will be much more constructive.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this DVD, or any other ‘sexy’ exercise DVD’s you would recommend.


  1. Hahaha I love this review! I agree I felt like a total wally slapping my bum in my lounge! even my cat looked embarrassed! Is not much of a work out either as once you know the routines it's tedious to go through the choreography piece by piece, would be better if they had an option to run through the complete routines one by one.
    Reckon will be good fun when drunk with the girls though!

  2. I am glad that i am not the only one who felt like like - i was worried i had turned into my mum.
    Me and my sister did have a good giggle doing it - I am sure having a laugh burns enough calories for it to count as exercise !!