Friday, 12 March 2010

What an Inspiration............

In 3 years Melanie Ryding has gone from 'overweight and unfit' to a member of the Team GB Triathalon team. I would spell out her story but Zest has a fantastic piece on her this month and this peice below gets the point accross.

Melanie Ryding, a teacher from Northampton, UK, decided to finally lose weight in June 2006 after she could no longer fit into her size 16 jeans. She said: “I just wasn’t prepared to be that size anymore. I tried exercising before, but I felt too large, people kept staring and it was too much effort.

A healthy weight loss program helped her to lose 25 pounds over 4 months. Then to keep the weight off, she joined the Wellingborough and District Athletics Club and Northants Triathlon Club. Today she has qualified to represent Britain in the World Triathlon Championships in Australia this September.

Zest Piece
(excuse the dodgy scanning)

I do hope that I can use her sucess as an inspiration to keep attending weight watcher as she did (and make it work for me) and actually get of my bum and go running.

I LOVE running, but getting out the front door always seems so much harder than the run itself. I am going to make an effort to train more, especially as i have the race for life in 8 weeks *gasp*, and who knows where i could be in 3 years

Picture is from a fantastic photographer Xipeteon

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