Sunday, 7 March 2010

Storage sorted - The Swag Bag

I recently decided that storing my jewellery in plastic boxes was doing it no good, nor was it doing my sanity any good when I had to spend hours untangling everything to get to that one necklace I needed.

I spent ages scouring Google for a solution but noting was quite what I wanted, so I switched to looking through Google images and finally a couple of pages in stumbled upon what I was looking for.

I ordered the Large Midnight Crush and whilst I’m not going to bore you with how fantastic I think it is quite yet (as i am in a rush and want to do it justice) I do want to share some pictures and let you know of a discount code SWAG BAG have kindly offered to my readers.

I wanted a picture to show how large it is but my daughter decided it was fun to lay on.

For info: 118cms x 39cms or 46.5ins x 15.5 ins

It really does store everything !!!

Use code TS01 for a 10% discount which runs through to 20th May

I will say now though that the customer service is fantastic and they have really  thought of everything with the prodcut

I am planning on getting one for my little girls room as soon as we get round to decorating as I know it will last her for years.

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