Friday, 26 March 2010

Ear Art For Everyone

I finally get to post about fantastic earrings for flared and non-flared lobes alike.

Since deciding to stretch my ear lobe (yes I did do just one) when I went through my teenage rebellion stage, about six months ago lol, I have purchased hardly any earrings.

To start with I was quite pleased that I had only done one as I was getting to use all those single earring I have lying around for no reason, but recently I had been getting bored so I have been unsuccessfully hunting for something different.

Unsuccessful that was, until Monday when by chance I managed to find 2 of the most fantastic shops on etsy for pieces of ear art.

For those with non flared lobes but who like that ‘look’ there is DECEPTIONS, who produce spirals and plugs who give the appearance of being flared but are actually worn like a normal earring. The picture below will explain what I am trying to say much more clearly.

Then for those with flared lobes there is GIOVANNACORAGGIO.
The designs in this shop really are pieces of art.




These are on hold so I havent included a link but I think that these along with Anubis are my favourites.

I have always been a black tube or crescent spiral type of gal ( I purchase these from  if anyone is interested ) but I am definitely going to be getting some of these pieces so I can add something different to my look.

I am starting to feel really glad I only flared one lobe as I can now wear a deceptions piece in my non flared lobe with a plain black tube or I can wear a giovannacoraggio design in my flared lobe with a normal plain stud.

The only slight issue I have is that both of these shops sell in pairs and so I am effectively paying twice as much.  But they also both offer a bulk buy deal,BUY 3 pairs and get a FREE PAIR, which helps to lessen the blow

Update: I contacted both shops to let them know I have only one ear flared and they are both going to keep any single pieces they end up with through breakages etc for me.

Do any of these pieces take your fancy??

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