Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Absurd and Tacky or Kooky and Unusual

I was really surprised when reading the comments on the bagsnob post that introduced me to the Chanel Paris-Shangahi Doll bag, that some people find the bag “absurd” and “tacky”, whilst I find it stunning.

Is this just a case of my fashion sense or lack of being soooooo off the mark that I am just getting it blatantly wrong or is it as I would like to think, that I just appreciate things with a bit more individuality.

One of the comments also mentioned that Judith Leiber's bags were also considered tacky, where as I think some of them, though ridiculously expensive are exquisite.

what a stunning colour !!!

Just a Few of my favourites from

What’s your view on ‘unusual’ bags???

And whilst on the subject of slightly different bag’s, I think everyone should take a trip over to bagpoor and see the fantastic designs of Lee Mattocks, in a designer spotlight.

picture from Lee's Ma Show here

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