Saturday, 27 February 2010

New Hair - Kinki Review (ish)

I went to a new hairdresser today.

Kinki Boutique - Hair Salon Norwich
5 Castle Street NORWICH, Norfolk NR1 1PE, United Kingdom
01603 633 700

 Normally how my hair looks is not such a big deal but after leaving the hairdressers last time in tears because it was so horrid (childish I know but I did sit there for 5 hours and pay £80 to look like a scarecrow) I decided this time having my hair done would be a properly planned operation.

I don’t know why but I had in my head that a city hairdresser would be better than a town one so I decided it was between Toni & Guy and Kinki Boutique both in Norwich.

I knew what I wanted, although I stupidly at the time I had not thought about how unrealistic it would be. So I went to Toni & Guy for a quote with my picture in hand and was told it would take about 4 hours, IF it worked, and would set me back £150.

Then on to Kinki I was told that the colour was unrealistic and my hair would fall out before I ever got that colour but if I had an appointment I could chat with the colourist before hand to get a better idea of what would work.

It was this honesty and the offer of 20% off your first visit that led to me choosing Kinki.

After hearing negative feedback after having booked my appointment I turned up today with no idea what to expect as the website made it sound like this would be the best experience of my life.

20 minutes after my appointment should have been, without the offer of a drink or being told my colourist was running behind I was starting to think I should have listened to the feedback.

I must admit 45 minutes in I was still feeling the same. I worked in a salon for 5 years so although i'm not a hairdresser I have a little idea about colour/styles etc. and more importantly customer service.

I was told I don’t know how many times during my consultant with the colourist the hair in the picture I brought In was not real – I KNOW THIS. Though I knew the colour from the picture was not achievable the placement of the streaks was.

This had got my hackles up and I still hadn’t completely relaxed , so when I was offered the option of having the massage chair turned on whilst having my hair washed I jumped at the chance.

Thinking things were improving I was surprised that not once I was asked how the temperature of the water was, or was I even spoken to. Though the silence was relaxing it was slightly unnerving.

After this I went to meet my stylist for the cut having not seen the colour.

I can’t stress enough that having my hair cut by Dominique was a fantastic experience and I have never been happier with a cut. She was thorough, friendly and professional and I will be going back to her again (this is a big thing as I have not been to the same hairdresser after one cut in years)

When she was drying my hair my jaw literally dropped at the colour too. Its stunning and so much more than I expected so in the colourist’s defence she knew what she was doing so she is well and truly forgiven for the earlier annoyance.

I also think for the service it was also very reasonably priced.

I will be going back.

In Summary: They say/ I Say

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