Friday, 19 February 2010

Neal & Wolf Haircare Review

I was recently given the chance to try some products from the new salon hair care range by Neal & Wolf.

I was given a choice of products I would like to try and I of course went for a shampoo and conditioner and the styling product I went for was Form (a sculpting lotion), though I was torn between that and Glow (Super Shine Spray).

After having tried all the products a few times, I have a lot of good points and no bad points BUT I do have a few niggles which may be personal to me.

I will start with the niggles because I know if I were to read a review where the first 3 paragraphs were all positive I would stop there and not read it all which could be misleading.

Niggle 1 # There are no instructions on the packaging.

By instructions I mean “use a walnut size blob (technical term !!!!) on towel dry hair before styling). I think most people don’t need instructions for shampoo and conditioner but I don’t know whether I am using Form the correct way to get the best benefits (and whilst in the bathroom I couldn’t easily pop to the computer to check what the website says)

When I put this to Neal& Wolf I got this response, which I must say Is good enough for me.

Niggle 2# They are only available in salons.
“Due to the product being sold only through salons the stylist should advise all ways to apply the product. In addition whenever a product is purchased the client will also receive a prescription leaflet with the full directions on. This said, I am very pleased you have brought this to our attention as this is something we will look at putting on the products”
This is personal to me as I don’t have easy access to the type of salon where I can see this being stocked. I would be surprised if the salon at the end of my road had ever heard of the brand !!!

Maybe an online shop would be a good idea – what do you think??

UPDATE: I have just been informed they will be available to buy from the website soon

Niggle 3 # Prices !!

As per salonpromotions “The price is aimed at the middle market so will be accessible to all – Affordable Luxury”

In my opinion £1-£5 is affordable and £5-£10 is a treat for shampoo, I would go higher for styling products.

These are only slightly out of what I would say my normal budget is (and having tried the products, I think they are worth it, especially the shampoo) so I probably would get them if I was prepared to have my husband moan.

These are the prices provided to me:

RITUAL Daily Cleansing Shampoo 250ml £10.95

RITUAL Daily Conditioner 200ml £11.95

FORM Sculpting Lotion 200ml £11.95

GLOW Super Shine Spray 100ml £11.95
Now onto the good bits:

My favourite product out of everything I tried is the shampoo. It has soooooo many good points which to me are;

• The fragrance is DIVINE. Whilst no one will tell me what it is I have been told this….

“The fragrance is something that has been worked on by a leading fragrance house in accordance with extensive consumer research; in essence it is an entirely new fragrance in its own right!”

That’s one fine example of a brand listening to its customers.

• It lathers up well. This is probably the inner child in me but I love loads of bubble, which is not normally easy for me without using twice as much product as I should because my hair is sooooo thick.

• It left my hair feeling the cleanest it has ever felt and this is the main reason I would repurchase.

I am not really a conditioner connoisseur, my hair has always been thick, dull and frizz prone and all amounts of conditioner I have tried have never done anything about this but I can say after using the Neal and Wolf conditioner it was noticeably less frizzy and easy to brush.

Now on to Form.

The website says….

“FORM has been designed to help shape and hold the look you want with added benefit of head-turning texture and stunning shine. Offering light to medium hold, FORM allows you to style while caring for your hair. It also retains moisture and prevents sun damage with UV protection”
I say that it did hold my style well, it did provide the texture I wanted and this was important to me and the texture element is why I chose this over Glow but it didn’t provide quite the level of shine I had expected. This may be because my hair is naturally quite dull but I would be interested to try Glow to see how the shine compares using that.

Even if you cant get to a salon to try the product I do advise a trip to the website – HERE, just for a look as it is soooooooo pretty.

I am very much an advertising led shopper and the website certainly did the job of piquing my interest.

All in all a brand I will be using again and again.



  1. A sales rep who used to work for GHD in Yorkshire is telling salons that Neil and Wolf products are are made by the same company who made NU U and we know how successful that range was with millions of pounds being spent on both tv and magazines advertising.

    i look forward to trying them but only asking £150 for a salon intro is too too cheap in my opinion.

  2. I found it online to. I second your comments lovely to use and my hair feels fantastic.

  3. In case it's of interest to you or your readers, Neal and Wolf is now avaiable at
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