Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sassy Minerals (eye products) Review

 had decided to wait until I had had time to swatch the colours before I wrote the review of my Sassy Minerals order. I don’t know why I bothered as the pictures of the swatches were awful (as usual – I am going to bribe my husband into getting a new camera) so here is a brief review (with none of my pictures but I do think the pictures on the website are quite accurate so this is not such an issue)

The colour range is certainly growing but at the moment it contains what I would call mainly ‘everyday’ colours. These are all beautiful colours though, and seeing as my new year’s resolution was to wear some makeup every day they have been being worn on a regular basis.

Though I picked the colours I ordered based on what I liked rather than complimentary colours, all of them do seem to work well together. So someone who is much better than myself at blending and colour matching could come up with some fantastic looks.

There are 4 different colour ranges and each one contains a wide variety of colours.

 Silk Luster

DeJa Vu



You can tell a difference in the finish of the colours from each different range – which means even if a colour is similar if they are from different ranges you, will see a difference.

 The colours are buildable, they blend easily and they are long lasting. After swatching I had to literally scrub the liner off my hand (though I had used UDPP too).

The website is extremely easy to navigate and shows the last viewed colours which is really helpful if like me you decide you want the colour you looked at 5 minutes ago but you can’t remember the name.

Shipping is extremely quick (On par to the day with Aromaleigh) which is extremely good as I thought the shipping overall was quite inexpensive (though it does vary with order size for international orders)

The sample sizes are very generous for only $.075 and come in a jar with no sifter. These come cellophane wrapped (which isn’t a big thing) but to me shows that care is taken in the packaging which is extremely important to me when ordering internationally.

Which are your favourite  Sassy Minerals colours?
Are there any must have combinations?
Any lip or cheek products i should be trying?

In summary, quick shipping on cheap samples of a wide range of everyday eyeshadows.
I will be going back to buy some more.


  1. I have so many Sassy favorites: Trust me, Crown Jewels, Lyrical, Fashionista, Silk sheets... Silk Sheet is my favorite highlighter :) I'll definitely order more later!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations - i already have fashionista (loved the name) but i will be buying the others very soon