Friday, 1 January 2010

Pink is not normally my colour

But I am loving these 3 colours from

Rapunzel had extensions has to be the favourite colour I own at the moment. It’s so pretty and feminine, yet still versatile. The gold/peach mix means on its own it’s a beautiful day time natural colour. Yet the base colours mean it can be mixed with a lot of other colours for a completely different look. The swatch doesnt really do the colour justice as the peachy base can hardly been seen. I have always found the swatches on the website to be very accurate though. I wore all 3 pinks together today in a Barbie/bubblegum/candyfloss sort of inspired look and I have also mixed it with a 'dirty' gold for a more glamorous look.

These colours would also make fab lip colours (if you knew how to do that unlike me)

Do you own any of these 3 colours??
Can you recommend any more versatile colours from Fyrinnae??

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