Friday, 1 January 2010

New year, New Food Diary (Review)

I know from past experiences that my weight loss attempts are much more successful when I use a food diary and this fact is backed up by many statistics so I presume it’s a similar case for everyone.

You may know from previous posts that I have yet to find a food and exercise diary I am completely happy with. Each one I have tried has elements I think are invaluable and yet I have still not found one that has all of these invaluable elements in the same place.

I had decided to save my money and not buy one this year until I saw this ‘Diet and Fitness Journal’ on Amazon

With no details and no reviews the only thing that caught my attention was the screen shots of the pages inside – the first time I had seen this and on a very very quick scan I decided this seemed to have a lot of what I needed so at only £6.30 I decided to get one.

I am like a kid at Christmas when it comes to new diet things so I decided to put this away and never even took it out of the box, until 12:30 last night when I needed to record my bed time (low calorie)hot-chocolate.

As I have not even been using this a day these opinions may change and I will of course add updated reviews when they do.

My first thoughts:
• It’s the perfect size to fit in my handbag and looks very nice with the plain black cover.
• It has an elastic band to hold your place so you don’t have to re-find your place every time you go to enter.
• It has a progress chart
Said progress chart is tiny
• There is a weekly progress page to record stats and thoughts and total calorie deficit for the week
There if nowhere that says to measure yourself on the first day so when you come to the first progress page you have no stats to compare to
• It has a nutritional info pages for popular foods
Said popular foods are American (what are collards??)
• Has space to add your own foods and notes
• The first information pages do contain some good tips if new to dieting and using a food log
• There is lots of prompting for what info to record on the food page-Calories/Fat/Sodium/Carb/Fibre/Protein
This is meant to be adaptable for different programmes but the ‘other column that I would use to record my point value for weight watcher is tiny
Infact the whole area for recording is tiny
• It has a mood chart
• Has an energy level chart
• Has a space to work out Net Calorie deficit
• There is an 8 box water tick chart
• There is a 9 box fruit and veg tick chart
• There is a place to record daily goals
But only for calorie intake goals
No place to put total points available/used/carried forward.

My mind just boggles at the fitness page – there is far too much info to record, half of which I would never know and could not interpret if I did.There is a screen shot of this page on Amazon(link above)so I will leave you to make your own mind up about that page.

As you can see I think there are pro’s and con’s, but I will continue to use it and see if it becomes easier in time.

Do any of you have a food diary your swear by??
Is anyone interested in helping me design the perfect food diary??

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