Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres – I have changed my mind

The first purchase I made from Fyrinnae included 2 Lip Lustres (from a gigantic range of colours) and I commented at the time that these were very grainy.

I have subsequently seen a blog post from Fyrinnae themselves stating they should not be like this and to contact them if they were.As instructed I did contact them and had a response extremely quickly ensuring me the Lip Lustres should in fact be extremely smooth and buttery in consistency and that they were happy to replace the grainy Lip Lustres for me.

I have yet to receive the replacements, but at the time being more confident that any more I purchased would not be grainy, and that the customer service would be fantastic if they were, I decided to purchase another 3.

I can say hand on my heart, after having worn lace gloves every day to work this week, that these are a smooth as a babies bum and they do exactly what they say on the tin (you can read the ‘tin’ here)

Lace Gloves

And with all the Lip Lustres available in a 3.5ml (mini size) for only $2.50, I will definitely be adding to my collection (until I have them all)

Which colour is your favourite??

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  1. I love Lickable & Flavor of the day! Lollyop-pop is very pretty too, if I want to use cooler pink. I've ordered some more already, Hearts & Stars and Deceptive innocence.

    Fyrinnae's customer service is excellent!