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Food Diary Review - Diet Minder

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I was recently sent the ‘Diet Minder’ and ‘Body Minder’ from Memory Minder Journals to try and review Both are in available in the UK from

I decided that as I am still trying to get my eating sorted and doing Weight Watcher requires me to track that I would start with the Diet Minder (and then move on the Body Minder, once good eating becomes habit)

I am very hard to please when it comes to food diaries (if it didn’t require ££ and some level of design skill I would have had my own version printed years ago) so this review might seem slightly picky(But, as I am including pictures of the inside, you can always skip my waffle and decide for yourself based upon the pictures)

Now onto the review:

Diary appearance (if a diary can have an appearance):

It’s A5 in size, meaning small enough to fit in your handbag yet big enough to actually record everything you want.

It has a sturdy cover and its spiral bound so it lays flat which makes for easy recording.

There is a plastic wallet at the back, which I have found really useful for storing my points calculator and motivational pictures.
It’s for 3 months which makes it extremely good value.

My one bug bear before I actually get to the pages themselves is that there is no page marker (tiny thing I know but having seen it on other diaries I don’t think it’s a major thing to expect)

Personal Goals Section:

There is not just one personal goals page, but 3 which are fantastic as I think everyone should continue to set goals once they have met there first.
The space to stick in your before and after pictures is actually large enough for a normal size picture (this may seem trivial but I will just remind you of the impractical passport picture size space in the last diary I tried)
The variety of statistics it gives you to enter is fantastic and the inclusion of blood pressure and cholesterol bring it back home that for some loosing weight is as much about getting healthy as looking good
There are also 4 graphs at the back of the book (2 per A5 page) and once again these are actually big enough to use, and as they are not numbered or labelled that can be used in any way you wish to track your own goals.
As you can tell I cannot find a single thing wrong with this section – which surprised me

The food diary itself:

This is the page……….

I like:
There is more than enough space to write down everything you need
There is the space to record the time of your meal/snack
It recognises your going to snack more than once
Water tracker
Not all the colours and grand total boxes are headed which makes it adaptable - I always use one for points
Space to record activity – which though small does give room to jot down a lot of info

I don’t like:
There is a space to record your weight on every page – I don’t use it as I think once a week is enough to provide an accurate picture
There is no mood or energy chart on the page (though I suppose this could be one of your graphs)
There is no separate section for beverages – by the end of the day I have a cup of tea taking up at least one line in each section
There is no place to write a specific goal for that day i.e. don’t use the elevator (this would be on top of the plan set out in the personal goals section)

In summary, a practical and affordable food diary. There is enough room to record your entire food intake for the day and it’s adaptable for all types of diet programme. By far my favourite food diary so far.

As I have yet to use the Body Minder, I can’t comment but I will leave you with this picture which should help you decide if it fits your needs

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