Friday, 1 January 2010

Fivein5 - alternative to plastic surgery???

This application for the Iphone/Ipod has intrigued me for a while as for something that only costs £2.99 and 5 minutes of your time a day the promises are huge.

Are you tired of spending big dollars on the newest miracle beauty cream only to be disappointed with the results? Well those days are over. Now with the newest app for the iphone, you can take beauty into your own hands.After researching the five most effective facial exercises,they’ve been combined in a workout that you can do anywhere in 5 minutes. This all natural, do-it-yourself beauty treatment is available now on the iphone. Why facial exercise? Because it works! Skin care and makeup can only do so much. Five In 5 gives you the five most effective facial exercises that you can do in five minutes to take five years off your face. Use the videos to learn the exercises and simply follow along. The muscles of the face are attached directly to the skin that covers them. When you firm your facial muscles the skin attached to them firms up too. Quickly! You can’t beat the convenience of the iphone app. It’s with you wherever you go whether you do the workout once a day for five minutes or decide to speed up the results by doing the workout twice a day.
Thinking about plastic surgery? You may find you don’t need it when you see the results from your Five in 5 workouts. Just like your other muscles, resistance plus repetition tones and firms them. Because the facial muscles are so small they tone faster than the larger muscles of your body. Five in 5 gets results for the forehead, upper face, eyes, midface, mouth, lower face, chin and neck. Tauter, fitter,younger. A more beautiful you.

I have finally given in the hope that it would be reduced in price (£2.99 compared to plastic surgery is cheap but I do struggle to part with money for apps at the best of times) and have purchased it today.

I shall be using this on a daily basis (unless i dont see results and get bored ),and at the risk of loosing followers i will also post before and after pictures so that you see the difference if there is any for yourself.

This is my before (excuse my skin - I am makeup less and suffering with a stinky cold)

Has anyone else got this or any miracle facial exercise they would like to share??

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  1. I've never tried facial exercises so I'll be very interested to know how you go.