Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A skincare review - Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

This is my first attempt at a skincare review for my blog – and it’s not something I will repeat on a very regular basis as I think skincare is an extremely personal thing, and can differ greatly depending on skin type/season/budget/moral preferences.

I was however eager to try this product (being Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion) when I was contacted (I was sent this for free) as the claims on the website about the improvement in the skin of eczema sufferers seemed somewhat too good to be true (and me being me I actually wanted to disprove them).

please excuse my wonky scanning

The science behind the product (and there is a LOT of it – on the website and in the leaflets) seems to make sense but what I was most impressed by was the number of positive reviews the product seemed to be getting.

Whilst I am not silly enough to think anyone would post negative reviews on their own website, the huge range of users and uses made me believe this had to be a good product.

I will only share one as I think a lot of us are in a similar situation


London, UK

"I have a crazy job which makes me run a lot, fly around the world and keeps me busy, busy, busy.... So, imagine how much time I have to take care of my skin. And it use to cost me a lot, this red & grey, unhealthy looking face. Being a relationship manager I face customers daily. And I don't really want them to know that I had a sleepless night, a long flight and a dozen chocolates when they get to see me for a very first time.

Expensive solutions I tried were nowhere near to Skin MD Natural + SPF15. You know, I simply apply it on my face before I go to sleep, then each morning, and whenever I fly. My skin looks beautiful. No allergy, no itching, no disappointment. There is no second chance to make a first impression. This is why I've chosen SMDN that never lets me down."

I have eczema on my eyes and though its not severe to the stage of causing me constant pain and irritation, the fact that I have dry skin that means my eye shadow never applies smoothly is irritation enough (so my real motive for trying this was vanity).

I have now been applying the cream as instructed for 7 days and I have seen a vast improvement on my eyes, I have worn eye shadow this week! I have also noticed a real improvement in the texture of the skin on my hands, and this is just from minimal use, as I would just rub into my hands what I did not use on my eyes.

The website is also full of reviews from people who use the lotion as face moisturiser and makeup base. I was slightly worried about trying it as these as I have searched for years for the right moisturiser and whilst I don’t suffer from acne I am not lucky enough to have blemish free skin, but I am once again impressed. So impressed, that I no longer wear a primer when I put foundation on, even for mineral foundation if I have used this beforehand.

Actually onto the lotion itself, It seemed a strange consistency to start with, I had expected it to be much richer for the claims (Its very similar in consistency to the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel).On feeling it I thought that It would take an age to soak in, especially on my hands, but it dries ever so quickly and the effect as I have mentioned above is that of a primer. In sciencey (ish) terms this is the barrier keeping the irritants out and the moisture in.

The website is much much better at explaining the sciency bits than me (it has diagrams and everything)

In summary, a very impressive all round product that I will be repurchasing. As well as my own experience I am currently using it with great results on my daughter too and my dad has even asked me to buy him a pot for his eczema (on his eyes too – I blame his genes) after he used up all the sample sachets I was provided.

The UK website for reviews, science and stockists is here

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