Monday, 28 December 2009 haul and product review

After seeing this post by Mizzworthy I 'HAD' to have that lipgloss and as it was available from Zuneta ( a luxury online beauty boutique & magazine) where I had yet to shop but had only heard good things about I thought I would treat myself.

I did get slightly carried away though and this is what I ended up treating myself too....

and I soooooooooooo nearly purchased this
 ( I think there is probably only one celebrity whose endorsement that will tempt me and that happens to be Angelina Jolie)

'If its good enough for Angelina'


Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss in Siren £21 available here

I will start with that lipgloss. The colour is AMAZING. I own nothing like it, and I own a lot of red's. Its got a gorgeous bronzy/coppery/gold tint to it (in my opinion) and I think it goes just beautifully with some of my more natural mineral eyeshadows (swatches to come). I even had compliments from my father-in-law when I wore it on christmas day so that must make it good.

Price wise at £21 its not cheap and not in my normal budget but I can forgive that with this colour. The texture is gorgeous and lasted much better than I expected. The only issue I have is with the applicator (brush rather than wand) but I hopethink with practice I will get used to it.

Paul and Joe Eyegloss in 05 Brun onsale at £9 here

I started looking for eyeglosses after falling in love with the Chanel eye quartet that I mentioned here, that I am still yet to purchase.

I am very impressed with this Paul and Joe one, I think out of the all the products I purchased this may be the one that gets worn the most. The colour is very pretty and the application is much easier than I envisiaged and the packaging as with all Paul and Joe is gorgeous.

I don't think I would have purchased another colour at full price (£15) but at the current sale price I am tempted to try another colour.

Korres Colour Discovery Kit £28.88 here

Mascara 01 black_10.5mL e 0.36 Fl. Oz

Soft Pencil 01 black_1.13g e 0.04 Oz.
Soft Pencil 06 gold_1.13g e 0.04 Oz.
Gloss 33 nude_6mL e 0.20 Oz.
Shimmering Eye shadow 24 gold_1.8g e 0.06 Oz.

I purchased this purely for the Nude Gloss as I have been after a nude gloss for a while and this coulour really took my fancy.

To get 5 products for £28.88 this is by far the most affordable of my purchases. I have only tried the lipgloss and the gold eyepencil and i have to say i am very very impressed. The eyeliner lasted all day ( and looked beautiful with my Paul and Joe eye gloss) and is very pigmented and the lipgloss is as equally long lasting and pigmented. This is now in my new work bag, and will be being used daily.

As for my first experience purchasing from Zuneta- I cannot fault them at all.  The delivery time was excellent (especially considering the time of the year.  I was though told on the Monday it had been dispatched next day delivery and i did not receive it untill the Wednesday but i think that was as much the delivery companies fault) and everything was beautifully packaged and there were a few freebies included too which is always a bonus.


  1. I have the same lipgloss and want a couple of the other colours for everyday use. I love the formula.

  2. I really want that Hourglass lipgloss. I have that korres discovery set as well, gives a really nice natural look.